Marketing that Sticks! 5 Reasons to Use Custom Magnetic Signs to Promote Your Business

An example of vehicle with a magnetic sign


Ever consider using custom magnets to market your business? Whether you are a food delivery service with an oversized trailer, a lawn care provider with a pick-up truck, or a cake decorator with a compact delivery car, sticking magnets on the side of your vehicle is a very strategic, affordable way to market.

Here are 5 reasons to use custom magnetic signs to promote your business:

  • They allow you to market "on the go". Putting your marketing message on the vehicle you travel around town in is a great form of "mobile marketing". Adding magnets to your marketing mix is the perfect way to consistently reach the local market – it attracts prospects in the vicinity and drives traffic back to your physical location. No matter where you go in town, you are displaying your brand – to the grocery store, to the mall, to your kid's soccer games. Increased visibility always leads to increased brand awareness!
  • They work around the clock. You may not be able to afford for your online radio ads to play 24 hours per day, but you certainly can market around the clock with magnets! Making your magnets reflective and parking your trailer in a lot overnight allows for night time visibility. While you are at home asleep, your magnets are still working for you! While parked at your favorite restaurant for Sunday brunch, or at a community event on Saturday afternoon, your magnets are working for you. As long as you've got a solid marketing message, some relevant graphics, your contact information and a "call to action" on them, they will be quite effective morning, noon and night!
  • They are super affordable. Compared to online sponsored or pay-per-click ads and traditional advertising (like radio spots and publication space), car magnets are considerably inexpensive – particularly if you are constantly driving past your target market. For a relatively low investment, the potential for return is virtually immeasurable. The key is going where your target market goes, hanging out where they hang out, parking where they frequent. The more present you are, the more your custom magnets will pay off – in the long and short-term!
  • They're customizable. Make them square, rectangular, circular, or custom cut them into a unique shape! From as small as 12" wide to as big as 40" wide, or any size in between, magnets are completely customizable. Print them in two or three colors, or create a branded design with full-color graphics. Get creative with the shape, size and design – make your magnets your own!
  • They're safe for your vehicle. Using ordinary custom car magnets to market your business can wear down your paint finish, but not ScratchGuardâ„¢ magnetic signs. Our magnets have a micro-thin protective film that preserves the finish on your vehicle. So, no worries, they are safe to apply to your vehichle – market away!
  • Bonus: They are memorable. Car magnets are a great opportunity for you to broadcast your brand. The better designed your magnets are, the more memorable they become! People will remember the car with the delicious looking cupcake, or the mouth-watering sushi roll. They will remember the pest control guy in the neon green suit! If your brand is creative and memorable, magnets are an excellent choice for you!

If you want an affordable, effective marketing tool to add to your marketing mix, custom vehicle magnets are definitely a viable option. You'll be surprised at the number of people who will snap pictures of your magnets at stoplights, motion for you to pull over to get information, or snag you in the parking lot to secure your services. Make your marketing stick!

Example of custom magnets

Popular Signage for Mobile Marketing:

Car magnets are just one of several options to make your marketing stick!

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