Custom cut wood sign

Once you've gotten your core signs ordered and installed, don't stop there! Begin to strategize how you can add new pieces of signage to the fold. It's like decorating a new home after it's built. You start with the key rooms and then move from room to room.

What's your sign strategy?

There are so many ways to economically and creatively display your brand and attract new customers to your business. The key is being strategic and proactive with your sign strategy. Begin with the exterior of your building and move from space to space until you have your signage complete!

Here are 4 "sign projects" to work into your strategy:

  • Window Décor You've probably considered outdoor and indoor signage, but what about your windows? Yes, windows! Don't leave your windows bare – they're the perfect space to showcase your brand! Add your company name, logo, tagline, website, store hours, and contact information to the windows and glass doors, if you have them. Applying vinyl lettering and decals to your storefront windows allows for 24-hour marketing, 365 days per week. While you're running the business, your vinyl lettering is prospecting for you!
  • Door Signs Doors are great real estate for branded signs! Office doors, conference room doors, break and supply room doors – they are all perfect for branded signage. Plus, they prevent customers from getting lost in your building if they make the wrong turn. And, if your doors have windows, consider adding window perf or Illumadecor for a super creative touch. Plan for it!
  • Wall Art Ever considered adding signage to hallways and corridors? They are perfect for 3-D lettering! How impressive would it be to walk down the hall of a company and see their name proudly displayed on the wall! 3-D letters can be made out of acrylic, plastic or even foam…and they are easy to mount. They are "remarkable" in the mind of prospects, to say the least.
  • Portable Signs Lastly, make sure you're prepared to take your brand with you wherever you go! Whether you set up as a vendor at a local fair or expo, or a national conference or trade show, banners and table top signs draw lots of attention and they travel well. Don't wait until the last minute to have them produced, be prepared! These signs are inexpensive and they store easily. Keep them on hand for when set-up opportunities arise.

Take 12-24 months to work toward having complete synergy with your signage – which means making all of your signs work together to create a lasting impression in the mind of your customers. Keep the brand of your business alive outside, inside and even off-site! Do this with your signage and all of your marketing, and you will be miles ahead of the competition. That's what you want, isn't it? Secretly, that's what all business owners want ;)

Congrats on completing the Beginner's Block series! Wishing you all the best in business.

Popular Custom Business Signs:

  • Branded HDU fascia sign above the entryway
  • Custom cut hanging sign above the entryway
  • "Welcome" acrylic sign for the foyer or waiting area
  • Engraved PVC plastic door signs
  • 3-D letters on the building exterior
  • Aluminum directory sign near elevators
  • Vinyl graphics on the company vehicles

These are great options to strategically add to your core signage!


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