Synergize Your Signage!

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All of your signage should work together to make a lasting impression.

When it comes to having signage produced, it's all about synergy! Every sign you order is a part of a bigger whole – each piece does its part to give you a professional, consistent image in the mind of your customers. Unfortunately, though, customers typically only purchase eye-catching, attractive signage for the outdoors – generally a lighted sign at the roadside and either channel letters or a fascia sign above the exterior entrance. Their brand is usually visible and powerful on the exterior of the building, but indoors, the walls are bare!

Deliberately putting your brand on display inside and out is key, and it's not as hard – or as expensive – as you may think! Here are 8 creative and easy ways to bring cohesiveness and synergy to your signage…

  1. Add your company colors and fonts to your restroom signs – You've seen the standard restroom signs, right? Usually simple silver squares - one with a graphic of a woman and the other a man. What a missed opportunity! Customers go in and out of your restrooms all day – brand those signs! Use your company colors and signature fonts to make them consistent with the rest of your signage.
  2. Display small nameplates on all doors – Doors are great real estate for branded signs! Office doors, conference room doors, break rooms doors – they are all perfect for branded signage. Plus, they prevent customers from getting lost in your building if they make the wrong turn, and of course that's much appreciated.
  3. Add vinyl lettering and decals to windows, glass doors, even floors! – As we mentioned before, going viral with vinyl is always a good (and relatively inexpensive) idea. Vinyl lettering and window graphics offer a very professional look – that's why you'll always see them in restaurants, upscale boutiques, attorneys' offices, museums, and corporations. Vinyl logos on doors, messaging on walls, arrows on floors, graphics on the ceiling – they're a perfect way to display your brand creatively.
  4. Put window perf on entrances and exits – Again, doors are great real estate! Window perf allows you to still see out of the windows on one side while customers see your brand on the other. Photos, logos, web addresses, social media handles are all good content for window perforated doors! And, the fact that it provides shading from the glaring sun is just an added benefit. Oh, and don't forget about Illumadecor, it offers that frosted, etched effect! So many possibilities…
  5. Add logo and company colors to directional lobby signs– If your company shares a building with other businesses, what a great way to leave an impression on their customers! Add your logo and messaging to signs with arrows pointing to your office. This is also a great idea if you have a large space with multiple departments or warehouse facilities – use directional signs to make an impact. You can even add custom cut directional arrows to the walls and floors for a modern look!
  6. Display 3-D letters with the company name on the walls – How impressive is that? To walk down the hall of a company and see their name proudly displayed on the wall! 3-D letters can be made out of acrylic, plastic or even foam…and they are easy to mount.
  7. Hang banners from the ceiling in open spaces – Banners are one of the most inexpensive signage options and they can be hung virtually anywhere! Order them with holes and grommets for hanging or use banner stands, frames, or rails. If they are done well, and well-taken care of, they'll last indoors for many seasons. Plus, they're lightweight and portable – you can move them from room to room at any time for a different look. Banners really are a simple, affordable, impressive way to display your brand. Giants like Walmart and Lowes use them effectively all the time! The next time you're browsing the aisles, look for them.
  8. Put smaller branded signs in waiting or reception areas – Small acrylic or PVC signs with screw caps or standoffs make such a great impression on the wall behind where your receptionist sits! It's a very professional (and strategic) way to welcome customers into your space. Not only do they see a bright, smiling face, they also consistently see your logo and company message. Chances are, if they see them enough, they will remember both…
  9. Bonus: Put branded decals on freebies! – I know I said, "8 creative and easy ways to synergize your signage", but I couldn't leave this one out! Most companies have freebies – even if it's just a candy bowl on the counter, make sure you have a decal on it! Decals can be small or large, square or custom cut, and you can put them on almost anything! As a matter of fact, they, alone, can be great giveaways. Planet Fitness, the popular fitness center, gives window decals to their members to proudly display on their vehicles. Now, that's just smart marketing!

Don't let your customers lose sight of your brand! Keep it alive in their minds by intentionally and strategically displaying your logo and messaging throughout your location. Don't just stop at your outdoor signs - all of your signage should work together to create a lasting impression in the mind of your customers. So, put your best signage forward – inside and out!


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