Make the Most of your Business Signs with QR Codes!



Make the Most of your Business Signs with QR Codes!

QR Codes: The Future of Sign Based Marketing — Today

In this article you will learn:

Do you want to brand your business as "forward-thinking" and utilize the marketing technology of tomorrow today? You can! Quick Response (QR) codes are slated to become the next big thing in marketing, advertising and social networking.

What are QR codes?

In a nutshell, QR codes are graphic barcodes that any smartphone can scan. Once scanned, the code takes you to a website. You can create a QR code for your business website, a video you've posted on YouTube, or an article you've written. The possibilities are endless.

How can I use them to market my business?

The newest way to use QR codes is on signs. You already need a custom sign for your business; why not throw a QR code on it and instantly direct customers to an online location? They don't take up much space and they will immediately brand you as a modern, tech savvy business.

And because QR codes are currently a novelty just beginning to push into the mainstream, people will utilize them. They're only going to grow. They're already huge in Japan, where they're on movie posters, menus, business cards and signs.

How can I use them on my sign?

Hold on to your hat. QR codes can do a whole lot more than direct customers to your regular website. Check out these exclusive ways you can incorporate one on your custom sign:












Are those enough ideas for you?

How can I go about using those ideas?

When you order a sign from TheSignChef, we'll create and design your custom QR code absolutely free. We'll even help you determine the proper size for a QR code on your sign. Or you can easily generate one yourself with our free, online QR code generator. All you have to do is point it to the correct site and upload it to your sign design!

A few other things to consider

A lot of people still don't know what QR codes are. If business isn't technology based, a lot of your customers probably aren't familiar with them just yet. Provide instructions for use, even something as simple as, "point and click your smartphone."

Remember that you can update the webpage your QR code points to whenever you want. If it points to daily specials, you can update that one page every day — this means that one code can be used for a long time, or over and over.

As a business utilizing this new technology before competitors catch on, you have an edge. And if you have any questions, please contact our sign specialists. Then sit back, let us do the work and watch as your business thrives!

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