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The words 'natural' and 'green' are popping up everywhere these days, as if all products made strictly of natural materials are 'naturally' superior. In many cases, Mother Nature does give us the best of the best - homegrown tomatoes are unarguably better than those grown indoors and enhanced by a lab. With clear signs, however, the natural materials of glass aren't always the best choice. Instead, consider a clear acrylic plastic sign when searching for a translucent, professional sign for your business.

Yes, good old, man-made plastic is the better choice in hard, durable, clear custom signs. First developed in a lab in 1865, acrylic acid is the main synthetic material used to create acrylic products. Also known under the brand names of Plexiglas and Lucite, acrylic plastic has a reputation for being the 'clear' substitute for glass in many areas, not just custom clear acrylic signs.

In fact, clear acrylic is such a desirable material, it is often used for high endurance functions such as airplane windshields. So, even though it was developed in a lab, if airplane manufacturers prefer acrylic plastic to glass, then it is certainly durable enough for your clear acrylic plastic sign.

And if clear isn't your color, then guess what? Acrylic plastic signs are also available in an array of vibrant colors! 

Acrylic Plastic Signs In The Colors Nature Designed. Mother Nature not only gave us everything we need for basic survival, she also made it beautiful for us so we would want to survive. Who hasn't been moved by a spring floral palette or the muted tones of autumn foliage? Now it's possible to bring the colors of nature into your business with High Gloss Brilliance colored acrylic plastic signs.

With a variety of colors to choose from, acrylic plastic signs aren't limited to just clear. Whatever color you think will look best with your graphics and logo or office color scheme, chances are it is available from the manufacturer in what we call High Gloss Brilliance. High Gloss Brilliance is a pigmentation used in the creation of acrylic plastic sheets that not only colors the material, but allows it to retain the sleek, glossy appearance of the clear acrylic signs. And acrylic plastic signs made with High Gloss Brilliance are still translucent. They work the same way as a clear acrylic plastic sign, they're just more colorful!

For a three-dimensional look to your custom acrylic plastic sign, most sign manufacturers finish acrylic signs with a bevel effect, which makes your color choice pop out even more. With this professional detail, your acrylic plastic sign will look as colorful and beautiful as a hand cut jewel. 

Acrylic Plastic Signs Are As Durable As A Diamond. Okay, maybe acrylic plastic signs aren't quite as indestructible as diamonds, but they are still incredibly strong for such a thin, lightweight material. Did you know that the ceiling of the Houston Astrodome is made of acrylic plastic? And do you think for a minute that airplanes would ever be permitted to leave the ground if their clear acrylic windshields weren't to be trusted?

You won't be needing anything quite that large, but you do need something just as dependable for your custom acrylic sign. So feel safe when ordering your acrylic plastic sign and know that you will be getting your money's worth in long lasting, professional signage! 

Do Plastic Acrylic Signs Cost As Much As A Diamond? With something as attractive and dependable as acrylic plastic, it would be easy to assume ordering an acrylic plastic sign would be expensive. On the contrary - because diamonds are rare finds in nature, they are quite valuable. Due to the fact that acrylic is made in a laboratory, it is easy to come by. And because acrylic plastic is always in such high demand for so many things, keeping the cost of the materials down for manufacturers and consumers is the natural result.

You can easily afford an acrylic plastic sign, or even several, for your office or retail business. 

How Versatile Are Acrylic Plastic Signs? Now that you know that acrylic plastic signs are attractive, durable, and affordable, you may be wondering how many ways you can use them for your business. That's up to you! Sheets of acrylic plastic usually come in 4' x 8' dimensions and can be cut to any shape or size you need.

Typically, smaller acrylic signs are used for interior signage such as directional signs ion a hallway or name and business signs on a door. Larger acrylic plastic signs are popular for hanging in retail stores, directional sign, point of sale signs, and just about anything you can think of.

Just let us know what your needs are, and we can help you decide what size acrylic plastic sign you need. We can also drill holes in your custom sign according to your specifications, provided the holes don't damage the sign. Just let us know - we are here to give you the best in custom acrylic plastic signs! 

Mother Nature Doesn't Always Know Best. So, despite the vast amount of gifts that Mother Nature has provided for us, sometimes we can come up with something a little better. For the highest quality in clear custom signs, let us nurture your signage needs with an acrylic custom sign!

The acrylic plastic sign material is incredibly durable!