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Printed Coroplast Signs Will Guide Guests Through Your Next Fundraiser

Are you planning to host a charity golf tournament? Maybe a silent auction or pig roast to raise money for your local school or community outreach? If you're trying to raise money with these types of events, then it stands to reason that you want to keep your spending down. Therefore, many items associated with these type of fundraiser's are donated - auction items, catered food, beverages, etc. However, there are some things that require purchasing, so when you go to purchase these items you need to know you are getting your money's worth for the sake of the charity. One way of getting a good thing without compromising your budget is to order coroplast plastic signs.

You will need good signage at a charity event, particularly golf tournaments, where hole sponsorships require some sort of promotion. Even auctions and roasts need directional signs, including parking signs, signs indicating where to congregate for which event, and signs once again giving credit to generous sponsors. These custom signs need to look professional enough to impress participants while still remaining inexpensive enough not to break a fundraising budget. What is the best type of sign to get for such an occasion? A printed coroplast sign does the job both beautifully and affordably. 

Why Choose A Coroplast Sign For My Fundraising Event? You don't have to use a coroplast sign if you really want to save money. You could make your own signs out of markers and cardboard if you really wanted to demonstrate how much of a need for others' help there actually is! Of course I know that you don't actually want to make your own signs, but you would be surprised at the things people do to save money. Let's face it - rain loves to make an appearance at most golf tournaments. With cardboard signs or even foam signs, there go your sponsors, wilting away to mush while the ink runs down the ruined material. I don't think they'll be as willing to help out next year if their names are invisible to the participants!

You can avoid this problem with coroplast plastic signs, as their plastic faces are completely water proof and simply let the raindrops roll down its surface. No ruined sign material, no illegible print - just wet but still working for you and your sponsors!

Printed coroplast signs are also more durable than they look, despite the fact that they are so light weight. Coroplast signs are not completely invulnerable to the elements, as they might not survive extreme winds, so keep in mind that coroplast signs are designed to be a temporary style of custom sign. However, they can save you money even after your event is over if you store them somewhere safely until the next event. Coroplast signs are rated for up to two years, including both indoor and outdoor use.

For a minimal amount of advertising money, your coroplast sign can last for two or three golf tournaments or charity events, withstanding the rain and other weather conditions. 

How Can I Design My Printed Coroplast Sign? You have a good idea of how you want your coroplast sign to look - you have the colors and text all selected in your mind. Now you hold your breath to see if your vision can come true. Relax that breath - coroplast signs come in a variety of background colors, and any image you desire can be printed onto adhesive vinyl, which is then applied to the corrugated plastic sign. Voila- a custom, colored, printed coroplast sign to reflect your good taste and promote your charity event.

And if you need printed coroplast signs in a variety of sizes for different locations, then most sign professionals will be happy to cut your coroplast sign to your specification. The standard size is 18" x 24", but large coroplast signs up to 4' x 8' can be printed, and even larger signs are possible if multiple sheets are installed together on a flat surface.

The design of coroplast signs is 'fluted', or hollow throughout the core, making them light weight and easy to handle. Standard wire frames are available for displaying your printed coroplast sign, and the vertical 'flutes' provide you with an easy way of mounting the sings onto the frames.

So think up a creative design or color scheme for your fundraising coroplast signs, and see them come to fruition in no time at all! 

Make This Year's Fundraiser The Best Yet. With printed coroplast signs, you are not only investing in an affordable custom sign, you are saving money in future sign orders if you intend to use them again. But even if you want your coroplast signs for just a one-time use, their affordability still makes such a purchase more than reasonable. So choose the most professional looking, weather proof, inexpensive interior or exterior custom sign there is for your next fundraiser - choose a coroplast sign.

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