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I have a good friend who always looks his best. From his ever-shiny shoes to his crisply ironed shirts, he doesn't leave his house without projecting the image of style and professionalism. No one has ever called him a slouch.

I also know someone who serves everything in her crystal glasses, be it a mimosa or a glass of water to cure a cough. People have come to expect the cream of the crop with everything she does, from hosting a party to welcoming unexpected guests into her home.

What do these people have to do with clear acrylic signs? Well, just like an acrylic sign, these people never fail to reflect an image of quality. You know when you encounter them that they will always give you the best, because they always give themselves the best.

Clear acrylic signs will always give you the best, too, because they also never fail to reflect an image of quality. Even when you've gone home for the day and are relaxing in your pajamas, your clear acrylic sign is on display, looking as sharp, clear, and professional as the day you hung it. 

Clear Acrylic Signs Have Style. The different materials that go into making different custom signs obviously create a different look for each kind. Think back to my friend's stemware - I'm sure she must have some attractive, functional plastic cups along with her crystal glasses. But what message does the crystal send?

Any sign can look good and corporate-quality, but clear acrylic signs have an extra glow about them, much like my friend's crystal. They have a natural translucence that gives them a finely-cut appearance, and most clear acrylic signs are finished with a bevel effect for an added premium look.

And because acrylic plastic signs are clear doesn't mean that 'clear' is the only choice you have in acrylic signs. They are also are available in a variety of High Gloss Brilliance colors, all finished in the factory. Modern technology ensures that the pigmentation in these colored acrylic signs remains vivid even after years of use.

When my friend pours iced water into her crystal glasses, suddenly that water looks even more refreshing than I anticipated. Similarly, the sleek, glossy look of a clear acrylic sign makes any graphic applied to it look even better than it did on the proof. For a stylish sign that will make you look good, too, consider clear acrylic plastic signs. 

Clear Acrylic Signs Also Have Substance. My nicely dressed friend doesn't wear clothes that just look nice; they are nice. It is obvious in the materials and thread count. He claims to prefer quality clothes that last for years and makes no apologies for his good taste.

Clear acrylic signs are also made of quality material that don't only look nice but will last a long time. Acrylic signs may be thin, but they are strong and sometimes used for exterior signage as well as interior. But unlike my friends' nice clothes or formal crystal, acrylic signs are inexpensive and make for a very cost-effective custom sign. 

Clear Acrylic Signs Can Be Used A Variety Of Ways. Another reason acrylic is such a desirable material is its versatility. From larger hanging signs in retail stores or smaller custom signs that are displayed in a hallway or on a door, acrylic can be sized to your specific sign needs. Just like a fine material that can be used for a multitude of clothing types, acrylic can be structured to bring out the luxury in any type of graphic.

Acrylic signs usually come pre-drilled for your convenience. Because they are custom-ordered, you may give the specifics on the proper sized holes for your sign. To prevent damage to your walls or your acrylic sign, we suggest using a professional when mounting or hanging your custom sign. 

For Custom Signs With Style, Substance, and Versatility, Go Acrylic. You may not dress in the same style of clothes as my friend. You also may not use your fine stemware unless the in-laws are coming for a major holiday. Neither do most people, so you're not alone. That's why my friends who do these things stand out from the crowd - they are walking advertisements of quality.

However, if you want your business to stand out from the crowd, you need a custom sign to help guide people to you. And you need a sign that says you have both a sense of style and a knack for substance.

For a custom sign that says both, nothing is better than a clear acrylic sign.

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