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Curb appeal is important in a house, wouldn't you agree? Whether you're putting it on the market or just enjoy a beautiful home, how something looks on the outside can say a lot about what awaits on the inside. An attractive, well-kept house and yard tell anyone shopping around or even just driving by that the people who own the home care a lot about quality.

Acrylic plastic signs can work in the same way. They go a long way in enhancing one's 'curb appeal' before a customer or client even sees you. With its streamlined, professional appearance, an acrylic plastic sign guiding people towards your office or business not only lets them know that you care about quality; it says you care about them. 

What Makes A Plastic Acrylic Sign Stand Out From Other Types Of Signs? There are a variety of materials used for both interior and exterior signs. Acrylic, aluminum, vinyl, and plastic are a few popular kinds of signs. The surface appearance, structure, and function of each one give all types of sign a different appearance.

Acrylic plastic signs are both clear and very smooth in appearance. Think of house shopping again: you want a house with good lines and modern, up to date features. Knowing a house looks sharp and has what you need helps you relax once inside. Acrylic signs also have good lines and look modern, telling your clients that you are up to date on your profession and that when they come to you, they can relax - you've got what they need! 

With Acrylic Plastic Signs, Less Is More. I am married to a real estate agent, and often he comes home and tells me of a home he's just shown a client that's completely cluttered. He will say that the house was actually a pretty good one, but that with too much stuff everywhere, he had a hard time impressing the quality of the house upon his buyer. What a waste for the seller!

You certainly don't want people's first professional impression of you to be 'too busy' and 'cluttered', do you? Before they reach you, you need to send a message about who you are. Acrylic plastic signs send the message of 'focused' and 'professional', because that is exactly how they appear.

Acrylic plastic signs are transparent and come in either a clear surface or a variety of High Gloss Brilliance colors. They look best designed with just a simple business or personal name, or a name and a simple, understated graphic. Think of a popular manufacturer of computers and other high-tech products - it's not hard to imagine its brand name in modern looking lettering with a sleek, simple logo. And my, how they sell! Why? Because their image is clear, focused, and professional, just like your acrylic plastic sign can be. 

With Such A Premium Appearance, Are Acrylic Signs Of Premium Cost?

Some features that increase the cost of a house are its location, amenities, roads, etc. The quality of the materials that built the house isn't always a factor. Fortunately, the quality of acrylic sheeting is not a factor in pricing acrylic signs! Why do I say this? Because acrylic sheeting is inexpensive, yet the quality of it is invaluable.

Acrylic signs are often the best choice of custom signs when looking for something for your office, retail store, or even trade show. They come in a variety of sizes, also! You can purchase a small acrylic sign on your office door or order a large one to hang as a directional sign.

The other great thing about clear acrylic signs is that they are extremely durable. When you invest in an acrylic sign, you are investing in something that will speak for you for years to come. 

Sold! But, How Do I Hang My Acrylic Sign? Once you've decided to purchase an acrylic sign, we can work with you on the design you want on your custom sign. After the sign is produced, usually finished with a bevel effect for a high-quality appearance, we can include pre-drilled holes in the corners for screw mounts. We recommend hiring a professional to mount your acrylic sign to prevent damage to either your wall or your acrylic sign.

Because screws are not included with your acrylic sign, almost any sized hole can be drilled to your specifications. The exception is any size that might cause damage to your acrylic sign. 

Let Your Acrylic Sign Point to you As The Clear Choice In Your Business

With a high-quality, premium acrylic sign, you send the message that you are clear, focused, professional, and the right choice for your clients or customers!

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