Choose Dura-Wood for Your Outdoor Wall Sign If...

  • You need your wall to look traditional.

    Dura-Wood looks just like real wood. A Dura-Wood sign will make your wall look vintage and classic. We offer a wide range of wooden finishes, including walnut, mahogany and more.

  • You need an exterior sign that will stand the test of time.

    Dura-Wood doesn't just look classic, like it's been around for a long time. Dura-Wood actually does stick around for a long time. As an exterior wall sign, Dura-Wood offers the traditional appearance of wood with the longevity of a plastic composite.

  • You need a building sign personalized exactly the way you want.

    Dura-Wood can be printed on or cut according to any design or graphic that you provide.

Visualize Your Dura-Wood Outdoor Wall Signs

Our Pricing Calculator allows you to see how your sign will look next to an actual person. Enter the dimensions of the sign you want and the calculator will adjust the red sign in the graphic in proportion to a six-foot-tall person. Once you have the right size, select your desired material, quantity, and thickness. The calculator will give you a price before you have even added the sign to your shopping cart. Customize your sign exactly the way you want it.

See how different sizes
look next to a 6' tall person!

Reasons to Choose Dura-Wood for Your Wall Sign

  • Dura-Wood has a traditional, wooden look that metal sign materials like Aluminum or Dibond cannot achieve.

  • Dura-Wood comes in a variety of wooden finishes including Brazilian Cherry, Rustic Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, and Maple.

  • Although Dura-Wood looks like real wood, it is actually a composite with more durability than wood, including:

    • Water resistance

    • Rot resistance

    • Stability over a range of temperatures

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