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My husband has been in real estate for over a decade now. Each year has been better than his last thanks to his hard work and willingness to learn more every day. He also works with a great crew of people, making him love his career even more. One of his favorite and most respected mentors retired this year and left to my husband a host of useful business items. Among them were some custom aluminum real estate signs bearing the company's signature colors and logo. And those aluminum signs, despite years of use and being exposed to the outdoors in people's yards, looked as good as new.

My husband was grateful to accept these aluminum signs, yet later said to me that he was going to have to find someone else to pass them along to. Why? My husband's aluminum real estate signs are even newer than his former colleague's, so he has no use for them at this point. And because they are so affordable, he has an overstock of aluminum real estate signs in our garage (he's an optimist).

Apparently, when a person invests in aluminum signs, he or she is investing in a product so durable that it may actually outlive its original intended use!

What Makes Aluminum Signs So Durable and Enduring?

Aluminum is a wonder material from mother nature, a metal that is both lightweight and strong, flexible yet sturdy. While other metals rust at the first sign of moisture, aluminum was graced with aluminum oxide, a natural coating that protects it from unsightly, damaging rust. It is the best choice of metals for any custom exterior sign, as varying grades of thickness in aluminum sheeting can also withstand heavy winds along with heavy rain.

If you have doubts regarding the enduring qualities of aluminum signs, then look no further than the next STOP sign or road sign. Yes, they are a little more substantial than aluminum real estate signs, but they are still aluminum signs, just made of higher gauge aluminum sheeting. And do you see municipal workers out there, changing STOP signs very often? No, because aluminum signs are built for longevity.

How Thick Are Aluminum Signs?

Now you're probably wondering what else you can use aluminum signs for. Real estate signs are an obvious popular choice, but certainly they are just one type of aluminum sign available. Other types of aluminum signs are larger signs mounted against a wall or fence or between two posts.

You're now aware that street signs are simple aluminum signs. Other uses for custom aluminum signs include yard sale signs, political signs, directional signs, constructions signs, business signage, and the list goes on.

Smaller aluminum signs such as real estate signs are made with the thinnest grade of aluminum, a standard .040" thickness. This is small and sturdy for signs up to 18" high x 24" wide.

For larger aluminum signs, the next higher grade aluminum is .063". This is considered heavy duty aluminum and is less likely to bow or bend than a .040" in the same size sign.

Finally, the thickest available aluminum sign is .080". Aluminum signs using this extra-strong material are road signs and other signs of such a large size. And even though .080" is the thickest, most durable grade of aluminum, you can see how thin it still is, making it lightweight and easy to mount.

Why Do Graphics On Aluminum Signs Last As Long As The Signs?

As I said earlier, the aluminum real estate signs my husband inherited from his friend looked to be in prime condition even after several years of use. This included a clean, clear surface with graphics shiny and intact on each sign.

Aluminum sheeting is offered in several background colors from the factory for smaller, .040" thickness signs. Larger, .063" and .080" come in white and no color, respectively. The aluminum is also baked in enamel before being made into your custom sign, giving the aluminum a glossy, smooth look and adding extra strength.

If you desire a color on your aluminum real estate sign that is not offered by the factory, or wish for a color other than white, then sign shops such as ours can cut and apply a thin, adhesive vinyl onto any aluminum sign in any color for you. And how professional is the result? Any stop sign should tell you, because they are adorned with adhesive vinyl color and lettering! And again, how often do you see people replacing stop signs?

Vinyl lettering is also easy to customize in order to achieve any look you want for your aluminum sign, so just let the sign shop know what you want!

You Won't Need To Retire Your Aluminum Sign!

Because aluminum is inexpensive, durable, weather resistant, and easy to 'dress up', it is a very popular choice amongst business owners looking for good, lasting quality signage. So invest in as many custom aluminum signs as you need, and ensure that your business lasts as long as they do!

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