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These days, aluminum metal signs are no longer limited to shades of gray or white, but rather can be custom made in any color imaginable! Of course if gray or white is your personal preference, metal signs can still be produced in those colors. But if a lively teal or rustic orange sign suits your business or organization, then your custom metal business signs can be made to suit those needs.

Fun Fact of the Day: Did you know that ALL street signs aren't even painted? Not one of them! They're actually covered with colored reflective vinyl and then sealed to guarantee the vinyl doesn't chip or peel.

Can I select any color I want for my custom metal sign?

Survey says...YES! And how can that be? Well there are a few different ways to get that brightly colored aluminum metal sign you've been thinking about for weeks. Which method you choose depends on the thickness of aluminum you select.

What exactly are the standard color choices for an everyday outdoor metal sign?

Basic metal yard signs (most often real estate signs) are .040" in thickness. For these signs, factory painted aluminum metal is readily available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Brushed Silver
  • Mirrored Silver
  • Brushed Gold
  • Mirror Gold

Well how about something that is a little more thick and rigid?

Thicker sheets of aluminum (as thick as .080") can also come factory painted, but can be modified further to become the exact color you desire.

Just as with street signs, you can cover aluminum metal with vinyl in any color under the sun! The process is simple. The vinyl is applied after the metal is cut and before your logo, lettering and design is printed into place.

But if the color your desire for your metal sign is not available factory painted, and you do not wish to use colored vinyl on your new sign, we can spray paint or powder coat your sign to match any color sample. Just as you would hold up and consider many color samples to select the perfect hue when painting your business walls, you can select a specific shade of any color for your new metal sign, and our Art Department will go to work producing the perfect blend of power coating or spray paints to make your metal sign color a reality!

Speaking of vibrant and lasting, just how long will the color of my metal sign last?

Our custom metal signs are rated to last 5-7 years. Whatever color you ultimately choose (and you now know there are tons of choices!) and however you choose to achieve that color, a clear UV protective laminate is used for all metal signs to help it resist color attacking agents such as weather, the sun, pollution and rust.

If what you are saying holds true, I can get any vibrant color for my metal sign AND ensure that it will still last?

You are indeed reading correctly, my friend! And even better news is that it doesn't matter the process we go through to help make your color come to life - the colorizing process has no effect on the price of your sign! When it comes to color and pricing, we charge by the number of colors chosen; 1, 2 or full color. We are determined to reach every customers desired color at no extra charge!

Now that you understand your color options are endless and the rainbow is yours, why not get started mixing, coordinating and seeing what you can come up with? Metal is made to be colorful, so spin the wheel!

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