Printed Outdoor Wall Signs

At we only use high-quality materials to deliver durable, beautiful signs that withstand the elements. We use a high-resolution industrial digital printer and quality UV-resistant pigments to print your sign on a variety of different materials.

Which Material Should I Choose?

All of our signs are built to last. The key difference in material is in the thickness. Increased thickness provides greater strength and durability in addition to a luxurious appearance that can set your business apart from others. Check out our Material Selection Guide for informtion and advice, as well as our Sign Material Strength Comparison Chart.

Choose from single layer aluminum, bonded dual-layer aluminum and even sturdy wooden-core signs for a purpose, style, length and budget that best suits your business. You can also use our Material Selection Wizard.

Thickness Comparison Chart
Illustrative chart comparing the relative thickness of Aluminum, Dibond and ARMOUR-Wood. It shows Aluminum as available in 1/32th to 1/8th inch thickness; Dibond available in 1/8th to 1/4 inch thickness; and ARMOUR-Wood available in 1/2 inch thickness.

Choose Aluminum for Your Outdoor Wall Sign If...

You need your sign to stay up on your wall for a long time.

Aluminum signs are WeatherProof, and come in 5 different thicknesses, unlike Dibond and Alumalite, which only come in 2. Aluminum signs don't rust. They don't easily bend to the wind. They don't do much of anything except stay the exact same as they were the day you bought them. A little soap and water on a monthly basis is all the cleaning and maintenance you need to keep your sign looking new.

You need your wall to look professional.

Whereas wooden wall signs have a vintage appeal, Aluminum Wall Signs communicate to the viewer that your building houses a modern business. Aluminum signs come in brushed, polished, mirrored, and painted finishes. Whichever finish you select, your sign will look like it belongs on the wall outside a business office. Aluminum wall signs are perfect for attorney's offices, government offices, corporations and more.

You need an exterior wall sign that won't break the bank.

Although Aluminum is one of the sturdiest and longest lasting materials we offer, it is also one of the lowest priced. You might get a classic look with a material like Dura-Wood, as well as longevity, but you won't beat the price of Aluminum.

Choose Dibond for Your Outdoor Wall Sign If...

You need your building's facade to look rigid and substantial.

When you install a Dibond sign on the wall outside your business, you are making a statement. At thicknesses of 1/8" and 1/4" they look substantial and heavy duty. You will have passers-by doing a double take at a material that is built to last.

What is a "Dual-Layer" Material?

Aluminum is a strong, versatile product. However to increase its durability and application, Dibond was developed. These materials both fuse two layers of aluminum with a strong plastic core to create a sign that combines stength & versatility, and is highly customisable.

You need your exterior wall sign to weather the elements.

Dibond is WeatherProof - waterproof and rustproof. They keep their shape regardless of the temperature. Whether you are in a hot or cold clime, Dibond is an excellent choice for the front of your building. With a polyethylene core, and aluminum on either side, your sign won't be warping anytime soon.

You need a building sign that is highly customizable.

Although Dibond is a rigid, strong material, it can be rounded, bent, and cut to a custom shape. We personalize signs for logos, mascots, and letters. The limit is your imagination.

Choose ARMOUR-Wood for Your Outdoor Wall Sign If...

You need a sign with a metal appearance, but the strength of wood.

ARMOUR-Wood is aluminum on the outside, but wood on the inside. This combination gives you all of the design possibilites of an Aluminum sign, like a brushed silver finish, with all of the strength of a wooden sign due to the plywood core.

You need an exterior sign that's weather-resistant.

Many sign buyer's have a deep concern about ARMOUR-Wood when they hear about the plywood core that gives the material its additional panel strength. What if the rain gets in and the sign rots before its even seen any good use? We permanently edge-cap our ARMOUR-Wood signs to prevent water damage.

You need to customize a building sign without sacrificing strength.

With the combined strength of aluminum and real wood, ARMOUR-Wood might seem like an unlikely candidate for a complex design. The fact is we can print any graphic you provide.

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