Choose Foam Core Ultra for Your Indoor Wall Sign If...

  • You need a sign that you can carry to a trade show.

    For many portable signage applications, we recommend a banner. However, if you need signage that's solid enough to stand up at a trade show or during a presentation, but light enough to carry, Foam Core Ultra is the right solution for you.

  • You need a sign that is cost-effective, but still stands up to dents.

    Foam Core Ultra is one of our lowest priced materials, but firmly resists dents and scratching due to being coated with thin but rigid plastic.

  • You need a sign printed with a photograph, without any pixelation.

    When we print a photograph to your Ultra-board sign, the rendering will be photo quality, like the original.

Visualize Your Foam Core Ultra Indoor Wall Signs

Our Pricing Calculator allows you to see how your sign will look next to an actual person. Enter the dimensions of the sign you want and the calculator will adjust the red sign in the graphic in proportion to a six-foot-tall person. Once you have the right size, select your desired material, quantity, and thickness. The calculator will give you a price before you have even added the sign to your shopping cart. Customize your sign exactly the way you want it.

See how different sizes
look next to a 6' tall person!

Reasons to Choose Foam Core Ultra

  • Foam Core Ultra, or Ultra-board, is a great surface to print a photograph on and retain the photograph's quality.

  • The material is 100% waterproof.

  • The material is 100% portable.

  • Foam Core Ultra is one of our lowest-priced materials.

  • Foam Core Ultra resists dents and scratches, unlike regular Foam Core.

  • We can print Ultra-board with any design you send us.

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the beautiful colors on your new Foam Core Ultra Indoor Wall Signs, which level of Solar Protection will you need?

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