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Are you the proprietor of a small business or organization? Do you manage all of the business operations at the company that employs you? Are you sitting down, preparing to devise an advertising plan for the next several months or the year? If so, I'm sure you're considering the following:

Though you may be operating on a strict budget, you have most likely considered a television or radio commercial to get your business message out, or you may be considering a series of advertisements in the city newspaper. But did you know that the advertising value of an on-site custom business sign is almost as if your are receiving two free full page newspaper ads every single month you're in business! Now that's a lot of free advertising!

Free advertising is awesome...but will it actually be effective? Yes! An average of 85% of your potential clients pass by your business or organization at least ten times a month. And if you have a well-designed, street-side custom sign in front of your building, think of all the times these potential customers will take in to your business name. The advertising implications of this statistic are enormous!

Not to mention one of the best things about custom signs is that they have the ability to influence people that are right outside your business door! And this is the only place where those who see your sales message can act on it right away. Thus, the greatest advertising tool used to convert your business location into cash is on-site custom signage.

What kind of custom signs should I use? The answer to this question depends on the specific characteristics of your business or organization. Whether you are located in a town plaza, along a busy, commercial avenue, or you work from an office in your own home, there is a custom sign that perfectly matches your particular needs. Contact a sign company and a sign specialist will be happy to help you make the best choice for your business's advertising needs!

And no matter what type of sign you may choose, always remember: custom business signs can have a tremendous influence on the success of your retail business or organization!

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