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Imagine you've been experiencing pain in your lower back and want to get your back professionally adjusted. You haven't seen a chiropractor before, and have no idea where to start looking. The next week, while driving to work, your eyes land on a custom business sign for a local chiropractic office. You write down their name and immediately Google it when you arrive at work. Five minutes later you are on your cell phone lining up your first session with that chiropractor.

Now imagine you and your family are going on a trip. You've packed up your van and are trekking from Charleston, South Carolina up to the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. About two hours into the trip, you find yourself driving through the city center of a small town where your feisty kids are complaining of hunger and begging to stop at their favorite chain restaurant.

Unfortunately for the kids, their choice restaurant is nowhere in sight, though there surely was one in that town. But a few blocks down the road you see a custom business sign for a quaint little bistro that you pull over and eat at.

Now maybe the first time you took your children to their favorite chain restaurant was because you and your husband saw a fun advertisement on TV. Maybe it's the kids like it because of the games and prizes they offer in the back of the dining area. And you yourself love it because of the great customer service you receive every visit. But all of the advertising and superb customer service in the world wasn't enough to bring your family to their restaurant that particular day. In the end, it was the custom sign that sealed the deal and had you handing over the dough.

Business messages displayed on custom signs along the street reach out to people that are in proximity to actually make a purchase. Street advertising helps people remember the products or service you sell, and people usually buy from businesses they have heard of before.

Since custom signs are geared toward your trade area, reaching out only to the people who are in your surrounding area, custom signs do not waste your resources by making you pay for wasted advertising coverage.

So as the owner of a small business who wants more bang for their buck, a custom sign along the street in front of your business is the way to go!

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