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Tips for Wowing the Crowd with Your Trade Show Exhibit

Have you ever had to gather your life into a box?

You have lived in the same house 15-20 years. Everything has its place and its purpose in the scheme of your daily life. Every room is represented just as it needs to be for every person in your family.

But the time has finally's time to move... so where do you begin? We all dread packaging, boxing and moving, and unpacking is a nightmare. How nice it would be if you could snap your fingers and that was all done... poof, magic - you are set!

Well, getting ready for your next trade show is a lot like moving, and trade show vinyl banners are the magic you've been wishing for.

Your business showroom is comfortable, set up just how it should be. You've perfected how each department is represented to present your products the best way possible. Everything in the room has its place and its purpose for promoting what you do to your customers.

How can trade show banners help package all that you have to offer into a 10x10 Box?

Typically at a trade show, 10'x10' is the only real estate that you get, or at least that you want to invest in. That is surely not a lot of space, but if you use it effectively it can be the chance of a lifetime.

Businesses have been doing home shows, craft shows, markets etc. for many, many years. The impact that can be made now by following just a few steps is amazing. The new business you can earn from trade shows is well worth your time in planning and preparing. Not only do you want to earn back your investment for the show, but have it pay you back for many years to come. If that customer does not need you today, if you leave a lasting impression you will get them tomorrow.

How, you ask? What are the steps?

Just snap your fingers and discover the magic - trade show banners! Poof, you're all set!


What makes Trade Show Banners the Answer?

You may be thinking, I can take a few signs from our show room or get a banner with our logo and I'll be all set.

Not so! In this day and age you have to do more to put on a look that is memorable to potenial customers. If you don't plan ahead and present a complete package at every event, they'll pass right by you for the company that did.

Trade show banners have come a long way and are perfect to give you the lasting impression that every business owner wants. Large or small, we all need more customers. Trade show banner signs made now have come a long way from your everyday sale banners and street banners that a lot of business owners expect. Trade show banners are not what you are used to, they are not what you see at the grocery around the block or the clothing store in the mall. They are professional, corporate looking banners and are easy to travel with and install. They are the perfect answer for any businesses needs.

Below are the Top 3 Trade Show Banner options to focus on:

  1. Full color backdrops - Backdrop trade show banners give you brand recognition. These types of trade show banners give you the perfect opportunity to show off finished products, workmanship and the quality of what you do. Take advantage of the back wall of your trade show space.

    You do not want your business name remembered by the plastic sign the show marked your booth with. Potential customers looking at only the nice rented curtain does not make you money! Use a full color backdrop to brand your weekend mini store.

    And be sure to keep it short and sweet. Include your logo, your tagline and photos! As the old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. so let your work speak for itself! Your quality and products are what customers will remember long after price.

  2. Retractable banner stands - These are the most convenient, easy to install, professional looking trade show banner stands out there! They break down and fit into a travel case. What else could you ask for?

    Full color, non-glare finish...nice corporate look without a lot of fuss. Retractable trade show banners range from table top displays to large free standing displays. They can be used to promote a show special you are offering or a product you're giving away that weekend.

    Retractable banner stands are also perfect for out in the main lobby of the conference center or at the end of your aisle to direct traffic your way. They are easy to assemble, requiring only one set of hands!

  3. Table banner - Also known as the table sock. This item is perfect for any type of show, any type of business. Great way to cover that rented table that came with your booth, to advertise your business and complete your look. Trade show table banner signs lay the foundation to display your products, literature, etc .

    It finishes the packaging for your business. Make sure to stay within your color scheme, keep it simple and professional. It is best to keep the top a solid color to not detract from your table top displays. Try a background scene with your logo to cover the front and sides. Table banners are simple to assemble and are easy to pack and travel with.

    These few things along with a well planned collection of your products, giveaways and literature will pair well with your sales team and you will be all set for your next trade show.

So where do I begin?

The most important thing is to plan ahead!

You want to get a feel for the entire look of your 10x10 box. You have invested in the booth rental and staffing for the weekend - make sure to invest in putting on your show. You know your business and it's products best! Work with your sign shop and their art department to put your look together and prepare a total package for your next event! Custom banners for your trade show banners are an economical solution for making a lasting impression on the potential customers at your next show!

Make sure to represent yourself well! Moving is hard work. Package your product in the best possible way to promote your business. Make sure everything is in its place and has its purpose, and you'll leave a lasting impression on your customers. Make your next trade show booth a home away from home and not just a box!

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