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A friend of mine is in charge of an annual festival down by the harbor in Charleston, South Carolina where we live. The event celebrates the beginning of summer and raises money for a non-profit organization in the Lowcountry. Each year she arranges for food vendors, live music, and miscellaneous activities for children and families. Charleston is known for having a great deal of outdoor festivals and celebrations nearly every weekend, but in years past, her event was the only one to occur each first Sunday in May.

Well April showers bring May flowers, and rain it did in April. All of April. While some celebrations went on, rain or shine, several were canceled, and as luck would have it, a very well attended annual event was rescheduled for, lo and behold, the first Sunday in May.

Of course my friend started to worry about the success of her event. She had always raised a substantial amount of money and was consistently able to provide for the non-profit. She surely didn't want to fall short this year. Time to advertise! But, what kind of budget did she have for promotions?

Being a fundraising event, my friend of course did not have a large budget for advertising. Radio and TV time runs for a pretty penny, and in this day and age, commercials can become ineffective in the world of technology where viewers can choose to skip over promotional ads.

A strategically placed billboard seemed like a wise advertising medium, as people in the same neighborhood as her event would naturally be exposed to her ad several times a day. But again, her budget simply wouldn't allow for it.

After thinking long and hard, my friend finally arrived at a conclusion. And what was the solution to her problem? An over-the-street custom vinyl banner! Modern banner printing processes have made full color street banners an especially inexpensive and highly professional way to announce the date, time and location of an event. Plus, a street banner can be double sided at nearly no additional cost!

Street banners have all the benefits of a billboard but at a much lower cost. In fact, people are statistically more likely to notice an over-the-street banner than a billboard, because street banners are still fairly uncommon in most cities.

For public safety reasons, most municipalities have rules regarding how street banners should be made. A few of these requirements include using 20 ounce, extra heavy duty blockout banner material with tough webbing sewn into the hem for extra re-enforcement. For maximum durability and wind resistance, street banners should have hems and grommets placed every 2 feet. And wind slits are often required to substantially reduce wind loads.

Not only were more Charlestonians in attendance than any year past, they also set a record in funds raised! And as the city later released figures estimating attendance at both my friend's event and the rescheduled event, she was thrilled to discover that there were more people at her event! Her street banner certainly stirred up a great deal of excitement, and to this day, she credits that custom banner for saving the celebration!

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