The Power of Perf: 3 Benefits of Displaying Your Brand with Window Perf

Ever consider branding your entire window?

Ever walked by a storefront and been fascinated by a full-color presentation of the company's logo and messaging covering the entire window display? Or find yourself staring at the design on the back window of the pick-up truck in front of you on the highway? Innovative, isn't it? Window perf allows you to be totally creative when it comes to putting your brand on blast! These thin, laminated sheets of vinyl are often used on construction sites, in retail stores, at trade shows and on commercial vehicles. But, make no mistake about it, they are versatile enough for you to use, as well!

Here are 3 benefits of displaying your brand on blast with window perf:

  1. Window perf attracts onlookers and passerbys – Window perf draws people in! Vibrant full-color, eye-catching graphics sprayed across entire panels of glass command a lot of attention. People typically stop and admire big scale designs, and consequently, internalize the marketing message simultaneously. What a huge way to advertise your business!
  2. It provides both shade and privacy – Lots of sunlight coming through large windows can be problematic – it makes it difficult to control the climate indoors and almost impossible to reduce the glare on computer screens. Window perf is a great solution! It provides ample shade from excessive sunlight – you may even see some savings on your electric bill. Plus, window perf is quite useful for hiding clutter and debris present during a remodel or renovation project. Because the sheets are transparent from the inside and opaque from the outside, those indoors can see out, but others can't see in. It does double-duty!
  3. It allows you to make your brand mobile! – Window perf can be used to display your brand onsite and on-the-go! Not only can you install it in the office, you can display photos, logos and websites in the windows of your commercial and personal vehicles, as well. Many businesses brand their company cars, trucks and vans with window perf – it's mobile marketing at its best!

Window perf can be made in virtually any size. And, it can be paneled to cover literally any size surface, no matter how expansive. There are also no limits to colors, graphics, shapes or finishes – you can be as creative as you want! Plus, it's super easy to install, so do it yourself and save drastically on labor costs. It is an excellent choice for giving high visibility to your brand, no matter where you choose to display it. What are you waiting for? Discover the power of perf!


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