The Perfect Plastic: PVC Reigns Supreme for Custom Office Signs

Example of custom cut PVC sign

Looking for the perfect plastic for your custom indoor sign?

Ever heard of Polyvinyl Chloride? It has a difficult name, but it's actually quite common. Polyvinyl Chloride, also called PVC plastic, is one of the most popular sign materials used in making custom indoor office signs. If you've seen a bright, vibrant colored sign with a satiny, smooth finish mounted on a wall in a corporate setting, chances are, it was PVC. And, it's perfect for your custom indoor signs.

Here are 6 reasons to consider PVC:

  1. PVC is super attractive. The high gloss, shiny finish is one of the distinctive features of PVC that makes it so attractive. Signs made of this material have a beautiful finish, and that almost always conveys professionalism.
  2. It comes in a variety of colors. PVC comes in a host of bright, vibrant colors, with color-rich pigments that last for years. When you order PVC signs, you can order the material in white and digitally print a full-color design to display on it, or you can order the material in a beautiful, bright color as the backdrop to a simplified, one or two-color design – the choice is yours. PVC is quite versatile!
  3. It's a very durable material for indoor signs. Another distinctive quality is PVC's rigidity. It is strong, durable and highly resistant. Unlike its counterpart, Acrylic, PVC plastic is actually shatter-proof. It holds up well under forceful impact. It's also waterproof and flame-retardant. PVC will warp and bow outside in extreme heat, but inside, it's quite durable!
  4. PVC can be customized. This plastic comes in 4'x8' sheets that can be paneled for oversized signs or specially cut down for virtually any size sign. The material has 3 different strengths – low strength that's 10mm or 1/8" thick (great for smaller signs up to 2'x2'), medium strength that's ¼" or ½" thick (which is the most commonly used strength for business signs) and high strength that's 1" thick (recommended for 3D and oversized signs, 4'x8' or greater). And, not only can it be cut into custom sizes, PVC can be contour cut into specialized shapes, as well.
  5. It maintains its good looks. This plastic doesn't only eliminate glare, it also resists fingerprints and smudges – so it continues to look great over time. Plus, PVC doesn't easily scratch. It's not hard at all to keep your PVC signs looking new! Plus, your custom indoor signs are easy to maintain. To care for PVC plastic, simply clean it with a soft, non-abrasive, micro-fiber cloth periodically.

This plastic is rigid, durable and makes really attractive signage! If you are looking for a custom sign for your office that is color-rich, long-lasting and a piece of cake to maintain, you simply cannot go wrong with PVC. In fact, we'd venture to say, it's the perfect plastic for you – PVC reigns supreme when it comes to custom office signs!

Example of contour cut PVC

Types of Indoor Signs:

  • Corporate Branding Signs
  • Welcome Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Customer Specials & Sales
  • Signs for Product Launches
  • Recognition & Award Plaques

PVC indoor signs are a great way to speak directly to your customers!

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