Mounting ROI: How to Best Mount Roadside, Outdoor, and Indoor Signs

Example of an outdoor mounted wooden sign

Mount your custom business signs well for the best return on your investment!

So, you're thinking about ordering a new custom sign for your business? Have you given any thought to how you will mount it? How you present your sign to the world is just as important as the sign itself. A beautiful sign poorly mounted can be ineffective. And, a not-so-perfect sign well-mounted can still be an asset to you. With that in mind, it may be valuable to you to spend just a few minutes learning about the different mounting options for business signage. To get the best return on your investment, make sure your sign is visible and mounted well. Presentation is everything – every chef knows that, even The Sign Chef ;)

Here are the keys to Mounting R-O-I:

Installation kits, manpower, and techniques are all different depending on where you choose to mount your custom sign. Whether it's a "Roadside, Outdoor, or Indoor" sign matters greatly! So, let's quickly explore a little "Mounting R-O-I" so you can choose the mounting application and accessories that allow you to put your best sign forward.

  • An example of custom roadside sign R – Roadside – Roadside or sidewalk signs are usually mounted on poles, posts or frames. If your signage is mounted on poles or posts, you will need to make sure either standard or custom holes are drilled, either by you or the sign company you choose (like The Sign Chef!). "U Bracket Kits", which include "U" brackets with bolts, screws and drill bits, are good for mounting signs to wooden posts. "T Bracket Kits" are perfect for adding stability to lighter sign installations, like mounting aluminum or coroplast. And, interlocking pipe brackets are good for signs being mounted to poles or pipe posts. If you have a metal sign and you're adhering it to a metal fence or siding, a metal installation kit complete with self-tapping screws would suffice. And, of course, you've probably seen hanging signs with the beautiful scroll tops – they are great for roadside visibility! Scroll bracket kits can be used to mount them – and they often include brackets, hardware and chains with "s" hooks attached. Frames are used to mount smaller roadside signs, like yard signs, real estate signs, even political campaign signs. They don't require drilled holes; they typically slip right into the frames, upheld by stakes in the ground. Got it?
  • Hanging outdoor sign O – Outdoor – Conversely, outdoor signs that are not stand alone, but mounted against a building or surface, are mounted quite differently. For example, if you have a Dura-Wood sign you're mounting against a brick façade, a brick mounting kit would be the logical choice – and it would typically include super strong Tapcon screws and masonry drill bits. Same for concrete surfaces. Stucco mounting would need anchor screws, and instead of using a drill, it might be better to use a traditional screw driver. Ahh, the surface makes a difference, doesn't it? It does, indeed. When it comes to mounting banners – frames and rails can be used, or if your banner has holes and grommets, it can be hung with typical hanging hardware. When mounting outdoor signage, the old real estate adage applies "location, location, location". It's very important for your signage to be mounted properly and made highly visible to passerbys and customers. It has to be seen for it to work for you!
  • Indoor sign mounted with standoffs I – Indoor – Indoor signs are a bit easier to install, mainly because the surfaces aren't as difficult to penetrate. Stucco and sheetrock installation kits come with screws and drill bits – making installation simple. Indoor signs can have bright and shiny accent hardware like screw caps and standoffs – they add "bling" and professionalism to your display, and give you some added dimension, as well! Indoor signs can also be hung from the ceiling or stand alone with stands and easels. The mounting options are countless when it comes to indoor signs – get as creative as you'd like!

I know, it's a lot of technical information, and you're probably thinking "blah, blah, blah", but it's important to know your mounting options prior to having your signs made. That way you'll know in advance if you need holes drilled in your sign or hardware added to your sign order. Make sure you discuss it with your Customer Service Associate. Asks lots of questions, especially if your sign is oversized or requires specialized mounting. Take it from The Sign Chef – presentation really is everything!

If you've got questions about creating custom signs, has got answers! We're the only online sign company always ready to answer all your sign questions. Call us directly at [[TechSupport]] or click here to chat with us right now.

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