An example of vehicle window perf


Not sure about putting vinyl lettering or decals on your vehicle?

Ever considered adding vinyl letters and decals to your company or personal vehicle? Many professionals consider it, but are unsure if it's a good decision. Well, we think mobile marketing is a rock-solid business decision, and here are the 6 reasons why:

  • It's über attractive. Are your eyes usually drawn to the window perf on the back windows of the commercial pick-up truck in front of you at the traffic light? Of course they are! And, you are not alone – most people are fascinated by well-designed window perf, vehicle wraps, and full-color vinyl decals. Vinyl letters by themselves are effective, but add some full-color graphics and you will draw attention to your brand everywhere you go. It's a fact that the use of photos in your signage creates a 300% greater recall than designs without photos. So, add graphics to your windows, well-designed magnets to the doors, or lettering and decals to the vehicle itself – it really is über attractive to other motorists!
  • It increases brand awareness. The more you broadcast your brand, the more people will come to recognize it. Having signage in your physical location is great, but taking that brand with you wherever you go is better. Take every opportunity to introduce who you are and what you do to prospective customers. Keep your logo and messaging in front of your market!
  • It's inexpensive marketing. Compared to other forms of marketing and advertising (both online and offline), vinyl letters and decals for your vehicle is relatively inexpensive. If you're working on a tight budget, vinyl is definitely the way to go! High performance cast vinyl lasts up to 10 years outdoors – it holds up extremely well to weathering with minimal fading or peeling. So, you can pay for expensive advertising that runs for a short period of time, or for just a few hundred dollars, you can make a massive marketing impact consistently for up to 10 years. Makes cents to us!
  • It's a greater return on your investment. Vinyl lettering and decals, window perf, and car or truck magnets are all 24-hour marketing tools. So, whether you are hanging out at your favorite sporting event on the weekend or parked in the parking lot of the local grocery store, those tools are working for you. They work in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night – constantly. Wherever you drive or park, your brand is on display! For the minimal cost, the return is immeasurable…literally.
  • It's very professional. Vinyl lettering and decals lend a sense professionalism to a business. Think of the pest control trucks, the HVAC servicemen, the lawn care or cable guys that all show up for service calls? They all have branded vehicles, don't they? There's a certain level of trust that comes from knowing there's a legitimate, reputable company providing those services. Branded vehicles simply imply "professional"!
  • It's just downright smart. Vinyl lettering and decals come in virtually any color, size, and shape. They can be completely customized to your brand – your logo, your colors, your photographs, your fonts, your personality. None of it has to be canned or templated! It's an opportunity to put YOU on display inexpensively, creatively, and professionally. What a way to stand out from the competition. Mobile marketing is just smart!

It has been said that 85% of your potential customers pass by your business each month. If that much of your business is driving around locally, mobile marketing is just a good decision! Branding your vehicle allows you to take your marketing with you everywhere you go. And the more you effectively market, the more you drive traffic back to your physical location. So, stop considering…put your brand on the move!

Example of window perf on a pick-up truck

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