Intro to Coroplast: The #1 "Go-To" Sign Material

An example of custom coro sign

See those plastic "yard signs" everywhere?

Ever considered why you always see those plastic "yard signs" everywhere? Or wonder why real estate agents, politicians, and apartment complexes use them so regularly to promote? Well, we'll tell you why coroplast is the #1 "go-to" sign material – and why you should consider adding it to your arsenal!

Coroplast, also called "corrugated plastic", is basically a hollow, plastic material that is typically used to make promotional signs. It is popular for many reasons, but here are the top 9 reasons that make coroplast the #1 "go-to" sign material:

  1. Coroplast is easy to produce. When it comes to ordering signage in bulk and getting them fast, coroplast is the best choice. It can be produced quickly and it ships easily. For real estate agents who often order multiples of the same sign, several times per year, coroplast is a very convenient, quick option.
  2. It's temporary. Coroplast is basically a high quality polypropylene, and it's not designed to last a lifetime. It's perfect for promoting short-term events – like real estate listings, menu specials, charity events, seasonal shows, political campaigns, tournaments, and the like. Only need signs for a few days, weeks or months? Coroplast is the way to go!
  3. It's very affordable. You can confidently promote without any buyer's remorse whatsoever – coroplast is one of the most inexpensive materials in the sign industry, particularly when you order larger quantities! The more you order, the less expensive it becomes, making it ideal when you need signs for multiple locations.
  4. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor signage. Coroplast is very versatile! It's one of the few sign materials that can be mounted virtually anywhere – it will lasts for months outdoors and decades indoors!
  5. It's weather-resistant. It stands up against cold and hot temperatures. And, it's even waterproof – hardly affected by rain or snow. Coroplast signs have become synonymous with "yard signs" because it's notorious for outdoor use, but it's just as effective (and longer lasting) indoors!
  6. Coroplast is colorfast. Ink adheres to the material extremely well. Whether you have a 1, 2, or 3 color design, or full-color artwork, you can be assured that the color on your temporary signs won't run, fade or wash out in the short-term.
  7. It can be customized. Coroplast can be custom cut – just like aluminum, acrylic or PVC plastic! If you want to simply round the corners of your signs, or contour cut them into the shape of your logo, it's possible with coroplast. You can even customize the size of your signs. Although 18"x24" is the standard size for a "yard sign", coroplast comes in 4'x8' sheets, and can actually be custom cut into virtually any size.
  8. It comes in several thicknesses. Depending on your needs, coroplast also comes in a variety of thicknesses – from the standard 4mm up to 10mm. The added dimension looks great when mounted indoors on a wall!
  9. Coroplast is lightweight. Mounting this material is easy because it's so lightweight. It can be hung with grommets (like a vinyl banner), bolted to a wall or outdoor surface, or even displayed outdoors with stakes or frames. Putting coroplast signs on display is fast and super easy!

You simply can't drive the length of any main highway and not see "yard signs" lining the street. And, it's rare to drive through a neighborhood and not see real estate listings promoted on coroplast. It's a popular material – the fact that it's both versatile and affordable makes it the #1 "go-to" material for quality temporary signage.

Example of coroplast material

Popular uses for Coroplast:

  • Real estate signs
  • Political campaign signs
  • Restaurant menu specials
  • Concert & live show promotions
  • Apartment complex signs
  • Art show promotional signs
  • Directional signs for large events
  • Signs for fitness gyms
  • Promotional signs for charity events
  • Community festival & event signs
  • Signs for sports tournaments & events

Coroplast is both versatile and affordable!

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