Banner Rules! How to Get the Most Out of Your Promotional Banner

Example of a color vinyl banner

Need the perfect promotional tool for your upcoming event?

So, you've decided to order a vinyl banner? Good! Whether it's a seasonal sale, a product launch, or a community event, a vinyl banner is always the perfect announcer – just think of it as a celebrity spokesman, or um…spokessign. (Was that bad? Ok, humor me.) Nevertheless, vinyl banners really are ideal (and quite popular) for making announcements. But, before you design your banner, there are a few "rules" you should certainly follow to get the most leverage possible from it.

Follow these 5 "rules" to maximize your banner's impact:

  1. Make sure it's big enough. Banners are relatively inexpensive. In fact, they are one of the least expensive types of signs you can buy. So, make it worth your while – go big or go home! Experiment with different sizes in the online pricing calculator or request a quote for multiple sizes because, oftentimes, it doesn't cost you much more (if any more at all) to get a lot more square footage. The bigger your banner, the more visible your marketing message will be!
  2. Make good use of color. Whether your sign is full-color or just 2-color, the cost is the same (with us, at least). So, incorporate color – it draws attention and causes your marketing message to stand out. And, if your banner is only 2 colors, be sure to contrast those colors. In other words, use a darker background with lighter color lettering, or vice versa — contrasting drastically increases readability from a distance. And, lastly, if you're designing a full-color banner, make sure your background color extends to the very edge of the banner (which is called a full-bleed). It gives you a super professional, more attractive look.
  3. Make good use of graphics. Research says the use of a photo or graphic creates a 300% greater recall when it comes to signage. That means viewers will remember a more graphically appealing sign better than one with just plain text. So, add some high quality imagery to stimulate some visual interest! If it's a product launch, include a large scale picture of the product in your design. A picture of you or someone that looks like your target market, a model wearing your garment, a mouth-watering picture of your menu special – whatever the occasion – make good use of those graphics!
  4. Limit your text. Remember, it's a vinyl banner. Yes, it's big, but it's probably going to be read relatively fast – particularly if it's hung outdoors and motorists will be driving by it. So, keep your message short and sweet. "Holiday Sale", "We're #1", "Everything Must Go!", "No Credit Check", "Celebrating 10 years!" will suffice. Keep your copy brief, but make it really compelling – you want people to stop to read it or turn around to come in! Oh, and don't forget to include a "call to action". Tell them to "Come inside", "Visit online" or "Order today". Be specific…and strategic!
  5. Position it perfectly. What good is a well-designed banner that no one can see? Make sure it's visible to all! Take a good look around. If you're mounting the banner outside, are there shrubbery, trees or any other obstructions blocking the view? If hanging it indoors, is it too high or too low to be read? Test the location. You want the banner to do its job!

An eye-catching banner with the right messaging can be a very effective promotional tool. Design your banner strategically, mount it well, and let it work for you. This is simple marketing at its very best!

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