PromoPower! 8 Promotional Tools to Increase Exposure and Brand Awareness

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Are you actively promoting your business?

It's always a good idea to increase exposure for your business. Whether you are a brand new business looking to create some traction in the local market or a seasoned, veteran business looking to strengthen brand awareness, promotional tools can help. There is power in keeping your brand in front of prospective customers – the more you promote, the more recognized your business becomes!

Achieve "PromoPower" by adding 8 promotional tools like the following to your marketing mix:

  1. Business Cards (and magnetic business cards, too!) – Yes, even in the digital age, professionals still use business cards! Your business card is the perfect place to display your brand and declare to the world who you are and what you do. To use them as a promotional tool, make some of the magnetic and give them to prospects as a constant reminder of your business. The longer the magnets hang around, the better for you!
  2. Bumper Stickers – Stickers still have PromoPower! They have the capacity to reach countless people in your local market consistently with your brand and marketing message. And, you can exponentially increase your brand awareness by giving your stickers as gifts to customers and encouraging them to put your stickers on their cars. Whether in traffic, at stop lights or in a parking lot, your brand will be seen over and over again. Who doesn't look at bumper stickers? Everyone does…don't you?!
  3. Car Magnets – Whether you are a carpenter with a pick-up truck, or a mobile make-up artist with a commercial car, with a couple of well-designed car magnets, you can attract a lot of valuable attention to your brand. On-the-go or parked by the roadside, car magnets do double-duty – and you can remove them at your convenience.
  4. Vinyl Lettering & Decals – Applying vinyl lettering to your vehicle allows for 24-hour marketing, 365 days per week. It's a great way to personalize your brand and set your business apart from the competition. Cars with vinyl lettering not only stand out, they are quite effective. Don't be surprised if you look back and the driver behind you is snapping a picture of your contact information, or frantically adding your telephone number to their phone. Vinyl lettering and decals have PromoPower!
  5. Mini Magnets – Full-color, custom-cut mini-magnets are an eye-catching way to engage remote prospects! Place them just about anywhere – on any magnetic surface – to increase your brand awareness. These are perfect for product launches, "save the date" business events, or simply for brand re-enforcement. People find these useful – particularly for securing pictures on the refrigerator. And remember, the longer they hang around, the better!
  6. Vinyl PostersFull-color posters on vinyl offer a sleek, glossy sheen that's hard to ignore, which makes them effective promotional tools. They can even be used to promote products and services, live events, business specials, and more. The greatest advantage is that they pack a big promotional punch, but not a big price tag.
  7. Logowear (t-shirts, hats, bags, etc.) – Want to be a walking billboard for your brand, and make your customers one, too? Add your logo and some infuential graphics to t-shirts, ball caps, canvas bags and more! Logowear has always been a reliable (and popular) way to promote businesses and events.
  8. Drinkwear (cups/mugs/water bottles) – Coozies, plastic water bottles, coffee mugs and travel cups are excellent promotional tools to brand. Prospects not only use them regularly, but they take them everywhere, increasing the number of people exposed to your logo and company messaging. Increased visibility leads to brand recognition!

Take every opportunity presented to drive your brand home in the minds of your prospects! Promote as much and as often as you can, and vary your methods. "PromoPower" comes from consistently using well-designed, creative tools to display your brand as frequently as possible. For long-term, visible results, make promoting priority!

Who uses promotional tools?

Promo tools are popular in these businesses:

  • Real Estate
  • Automotive
  • Sports
  • Transportation
  • Charities
  • Fitness gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Political Offices
  • Musicians & Bands

Do you have PromoPower? Begin promoting today!


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