Custom Metal Signs Color Options

Metal signs truly come in any color!

These days, aluminum metal signs are no longer constricted to tones of gray or white, but rather can be tailored to any color under the rainbow! However if gray or white is your personal liking, metal signs can still be produced in those colors. Yet if a vivid green or royal purple agrees with your company, then your new sign has the ability to be made to meet your requirements.

*Fun Fact from TheSignChef: Do you know ALL street signs are not even painted? Not one of them! Instead, they can be printed to directly or covered with colored reflective vinyl and then sealed to make certain the vinyl does not chip or peel.

So can I really get ANY color I need for my custom metal sign?

Yes. How can that happen? As stated above, we have the ability to print directly to the base metal of your sign. This allows ultimate freedom when it comes to color choices. From vibrant colors to earth-tones, there is absolutely no limit.

Speaking of "vibrant", just how long will the color of my metal sign last?

Our custom metal signs are rated to last up to 2 years without any protective coating at all. If you need it to last longer, a clear UV protective laminate can be used on all metal signs to help them resist color attacking agents just like weather, the sun, pollution, rust, etc.

Now that you understand that your color choices are endless and the rainbow is yours, why not get started mixing, matching and discovering what you could come up with?

Signs are made to be colorful, so spin the wheel!

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