Vinyl Decals or Static Clings: Which Should Your Business Stick To?

Need some vinyl stickers for your business?

Not sure which is best for your business, "vinyl decals" or "static clings"? You're not alone. Many of our customers don't know the difference between the two. But, we're going to give you the low-down so you can choose the right application for each of your marketing projects.

Static Clings:

When it comes to static clings (also known as clings, window clings, and static stickers), the most important thing to know is they are temporary. Clings are made from a very flexible, thin vinyl film material that can easily be applied and removed from smooth surfaces. Although they can be used on plastic or metal, they are most often seen on glass windows and doors. The most notorious "cling" is the one used to remind you about your next oil change (go check your windshield, bet there's one there!).

These decals are best applied indoors – in windows, on glass tables, smooth walls, etc. They don't hold up well in outdoor conditions – they tend to fall off in really rainy or hot weather and become rigid in really cold or dry weather. So, no, they won't be good to put on the outside of your car for "mobile marketing", but they do make great marketing tools – like for feature product promos inside of your office window. Static clings can be full color and custom shaped, and they are relatively inexpensive. So, they're convenient to use for marketing your business, just make sure you use them indoors and for temporary marketing projects!

Vinyl Decals

Unlike static clings, vinyl decals don't just "cling" to smooth surfaces, they have an adhesive that for the most part, permanently bonds them to surfaces. So, they are not removable and reusable. Vinyl decals are the perfect choice when you want a more permanent, long-lasting marketing tool – like graphics for a commercial vehicle. And, although application is easy, they must be expertly applied for a flawless finish (because again, they aren't easily removed!).

Vinyl decals can also be full-color and custom-shaped – ideal for adding logos to vehicles, storefront windows, even walls. And these decals, unlike clings, can be added to virtually any surface (glass windows, vehicles, plastic, metal, cardboard, walls, even curved surfaces.)

And, rain or shine, hot or cold, dry or wet, decals stand up well against the elements! With a UV protective laminate to protect the inks and design, vinyl decals could last for years in virtually any climate – and the better the vinyl, the longer lasting they are!

Of course these benefits – permanent adhesive, long-lasting, weather-resistant – all make vinyl decals more expensive than static clings. But, compared to other permanent signage, they are still one of the most affordable tools to incorporate into your marketing mix. Use decals to display your logos on business trailers and trucks, on storefront windows, even on other custom sign materials. They are super versatile!

So, which is better: Decals or Clings?

So when deciding which your business should stick to – static clings or vinyl decals – make the decision based on how long you want your graphics to last. Need temporary, reusable "stickers" for an inside job? Choose static clings. Looking for more permanent, long-term and weather-resistant graphics? Bond with vinyl decals, they'll be your best choice. Easy enough?



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