8 Businesses Perfect for Storefront Window Graphics

Custom Vinyl Window Decal Made of Vinyl

Not sure if vinyl graphics are good for your business?

Ever been drawn into a store or restaurant by the compelling vinyl graphics in the window, perhaps a full-color graphic of some tasty looking buffalo wings, a huge hanging "50% off" banner, or the welcoming words "We're open. Come inside!"? We all have! Vinyl graphics work! They are the perfect way to leverage your logo, broadcast your brand, and share important promotions with interested passersby.

It's evident that well-done window graphics draw attention, so don't leave your windows bare! From vinyl letters and full-color decals to window perf and Illumadecor, you've got many options for getting your messages out to those who may want what you have to offer. Not sure if vinyl graphics will work for you?

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Here are 8 businesses that storefront window graphics work brilliantly for:

  1. Retail Stores – Whether you want to display your company logo, store hours, promotional offers, or a combination of them all, vinyl graphics are perfect for retail stores! Clothing boutiques, sports apparel stores, jewelry stores, even furniture stores are known for using vinyl to attract customers.
  2. Restaurants/Cafes - From logos and full-color graphics of signature dishes to social media profiles and major credit cards accepted, the "food & beverages" industry usually makes good use of vinyl graphics. It's rare to see a restaurant or cafe without expansive window displays.
  3. Salons/Barber Shops – Ever been to a salon or barber shop and not seen a window display – either vinyl banners or full-color window perf? What a better way to demonstrate the quality of work you do or share the product lines you carry? It just makes sense for an industry so dependent upon visual appeal!
  4. Spas/Massage Parlors – When it comes to spas and parlors, window decals of products, pictures, and corporate branding help set the tone and the expectation for what to expect when you come inside. Fountains, rocks, oils, salts, and other service-oriented graphics work well in pulling prospects through spa doors!
  5. Hotels – Impressed by the intricate designs or frosted effects on the display windows and doors of 5-star hotels? That's usually the magic of Illumadecor! Those "fancy" designs are made with a thin, translucent vinyl film and they are super attractive. They do a great job of accentuating the corporate brand and appealing to the right clientele.
  6. Car Dealerships – "No money down", "low-interest rates", "quick & easy approvals" can all be done in vinyl letters! Window decor is a great way to maximize your messages and consistently reach those browsing in your car lot.
  7. Bars/Night Clubs – Vinyl is always a good idea for bars and clubs that line a downtown street. It helps to differentiate your location from the many that may be in close proximity. Add your name, logo and taglines to your display windows to help "sign out from the crowd".
  8. Fitness Gyms/Dance Studios – List your services where everyone can see them! Vinyl lettering is a great way to specify what classes you offer. It's also an ideal way to boast about your certifications, titles, awards, etc.


Applying vinyl lettering, decals and banners to your storefront windows allow you to speak to customers without having to be there. It's 24-hour marketing, 365 days per week no matter what industry you are in! Marketing that never stops working is music to every business owner's ears, isn't it?

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