Introducing Alumalite! A Rigid Sign Material Built to Last

Alumalite Sign with Edge-Capping

Need a custom sign with super panel strength?

When you want a thin material with panel strength, aluminum is a great choice. But, if you want aluminum with added thickness and more panel strength, Dibond would work better. But, if you want aluminum with greater thickness, and super panel strength, let us introduce you to Alumalite!

Like Dibond, Alumalite is made up of two sheets of factory enameled aluminum that's permanently bonded on both sides of a plastic core. But, Dibond's core is solid, and Alumalite's core is corrugated. The ribbed rows of plastic makes the core virtually hollow and gives this material an incredible panel strength. It is rigid and strong and built to last!

The enameled aluminum exterior makes Alumalite weather-resistant. It's impermeable to all weather conditions – high heat, extreme cold, rain, snow, sleet and high winds – making it ideal for outdoor signage. Whether you mount your Alumalite sign on the building exterior or on posts, it will last many years.

The panels conveniently come in both a ¼" thickness and a ½" thickness. A standard 4'x8' post mounted Alumalite sign with only a ¼" thickness can withstand high winds up to 120mph! But for added rigidity and security, we recommend using the ½" thick Alumalite for signs that are 4'x6' and above. The ½" thickness is double the size and double the strength of ¼" thick panel – it can withstand winds up to 240mph. And, fortunately for you, the cost differential between the two is minimal.

When you customize Alumalite with a full-color design that includes graphics and photographs, the colors really stand out on its smooth surface – a flawless and professional looking sign is what results! And to make your sign even more impressive, add a reflective laminate and make your design highly visible at night. Add edge-capping in virtually any color – including metals like gold and silver – for a put-together, finished look.

Alumalite is thick, strong and built to last. And, though it is often used to make heavy-duty signs, the material itself is lightweight and easy to install. So, whether you are having a custom roadside sign produced, long-lasting real estate signs, or a creatively designed indoor wall sign for your business, consider Alumalite. It is an excellent choice!

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