Get Ready For Your Next Primary With Custom Coroplast Plastic Signs



Get Your Printed Coroplast Signs Ready — 2010 Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Midterm Elections Mean More Campaigning With Printed Coroplast Signs

I know that we have elected a new president, a whole bunch of new representatives, and are finally free of the numerous yard signs that graced many a lawn for what seemed like months. But think back to two years ago—seems like just yesterday, doesn't it? Well, guess what? Midterm elections will be here before you know it—just ask those planning to run for office. And if you're one of those brave enough to volunteer yourself for public service and all the campaign tactics such an undertaking entails, then congratulations. It's time to get your campaign together!

Don't quite have all the funds in place to launch your campaign? Spread it out the smart way and do what you can when you can afford it. Obviously, it's too soon for newspaper ads or even radio spots, but you don't want to have to spend your budget all at once. In fact, using your campaign funds wisely is a good lesson to voters on how fiscal and responsible you are. So get a jump on your campaign and start ordering you coroplast campaign signs now!

Coroplast Signs Are Durable Enough To Last Until The Next Election

I saw many campaign signs hit the dumpsters after this last election. Understandably, several signs for national candidates had nowhere else to go, as such large campaigns change over the course of a term. However, I thought it was a loss for local candidates, particularly incumbents, to have their coroplast signs tossed into the garbage so wastefully. Either they do not plan to run again, plan to change their signs by the next election, or simply want to order all new printed coroplast signs. But I say this because coroplast signs are so durable and weather resistant that they can last until the next election cycle, saving candidate bundles of campaign money.

For example, my sister-in-law holds a county position and has to run for office every general election. After each election, she collects her coroplast signs bearing her name and campaign logo from her supporters' yards and stores them safely in her garage until next time. And because she is not wasteful, she will use the same signs until they simply require replacing. Her name hasn't changed, her office hasn't changed - so why should her coroplast sign change unless it has to?

Coroplast signs are inexpensive, yet more durable than cardboard or foam signs. Their lightweight, plastic material allows rain to fall all it wants without causing any damage to the sign or the graphics on it. And with the exception of extreme winds, coroplast signs can take the weather in most conditions without suffering, tearing or fading. Printed coroplast signs are rated for up to two years with short term outdoor use, so when you're done with your sign, store it safely, just how my sister-in-law does!

State Your Position On Your Printed Coroplast Sign

Coroplast signs come in a variety of background colors, and any graphic or text you desire on your coroplast sign can be easily printed onto the sign's surface. Even a full color photograph is possible on your coroplast sign. Market research indicates that people remember signs with color photographs up to 300% more than signs that lack photographs. Obviously, you want voters to remember your name when they step into the booth, so consider a photograph on your printed coroplast sign.

Images are simply loaded onto an adhesive vinyl that is then applied to the surface of the sign, making any image you want a reality on your coroplast sign. Lettering in any font or color is also available thanks to digital printing, so go ahead and create the campaign sign you desire - you'll vote for your printed coroplast sign once you see it!

Beware Of Campaign Sign Size Regulations With Your Coroplast Sign

Coroplast signs can be fitted to suit your needs, but ask your district about campaign sign size regulations before ordering! The standard campaign sign size is 18" x 24", but you will want to double check. I say this because a candidate in our area did not check during a primary, and to make his campaign sign stand out just a little, he slightly increased the size of his sign. However, the square inches of this additional space added up, and his coroplast sign was definitely larger than his opponent's. The town made him remove all of his campaign signs and order new ones - what a waste of time and money!

Large coroplast sheets are available up to 4' x 8' for campaign signs to be displayed in areas that have no size regulations, such as a road side. But always double check! Not knowing the town's campaign rules does not help your campaign!

Ready To Get Started On 2010 Now?

Good, because time flies, and soon you will be staring at a sea of campaign signs again. Order your coroplast signs now and not only spread out your spending, but get your campaign signs out there first!

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