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Everything You Need to Know About the Specifications for Your Artwork

Artwork formatting: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Geek Speak for Graphic Designers

Quick Tips to Find Your Original, High Quality Artwork

How to Attach Art Files to Email

Video #1: What is the best file format for the artwork for your new custom signs? (For Beginners)

.Png, .jpg, .gif...are you confused by all of these file format names? If so, don't worry - you're not alone! In this first video, we'll help you understand the difference between all these formats for the photographs, logos and artwork you've selected for your new custom signs, plus we'll help you discover what the best format for your specific artwork is!

Video #2: Best file formats for your new signs (Geek Speak for Graphic Designers)

Discover the specific types of artwork that are the most compatible with our system. Also, see the exact settings our Head Chef reccommends to attain absolute clarity and color accuracy. This video will demonstrate the same ideas as video #1 but uses technical terms that are familiar to experienced graphic designers.

Video #3: Locating your original artwork to attain the most professional results for your signage

This video will help you discover all the hiding places where you can typically find your original, high quality artwork for your new signage. Finding the original version will give you the most professional results when it comes to the quality of your signs.

Video #4: Emailing your artwork

Not accustomed to emailing artwork files? No worries! We'll show you how to easily locate and attach your artwork to an email, and send it right to us!

Artwork Specifications for Custom Signage