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Product Information for Production Boards

Custom Dry Erase Boards for Manufacturing

Customized dry erase boards are a vital tool for many different industries. In the service sector, companies use them for managing shifts, assigning tasks, and even for evaluating employee performance. Many organizations provide custom designed dry erase boards to their sales forces. Since a dry erase board is there for everyone to see, it is a great employee engagement tool for companies of all sizes.

A customized dry erase board helps the manufacturing plant supervisors to clearly and effectively measure the performance of each resource. TheSignChef has helped a number of businesses in increasing their revenue by providing them with custom designed dry erase boards.


How Custom Printed Production Boards can Benefit Your Business:

The Custom design on the dry erase board allows manufacturing supervisors to track certain tasks. There are many benefits:

  • Weekly Productivity: As a manufacturing plant operator, your main concern is how productive x your plant permanently. Using a custom design erase boards, plant supervisors can print weekly productivity templates on dry erase boards and keep track of their plant yield.


  • Ensure Safety And Quality Of Products: Custom designed dry erase boards can be a great tool for ensuring the quality of your product and the safety of your employees. A dry erase board like the one mentioned below helps supervisors track the number of KPIs relating to safety, quality, and


  • Keep Track Of Supplies: One of the major worries of a manufacturing plant supervisor is running of raw material. Custom designed dry erase boards can help you track your supplies through different vendors. You can print a template for vendor tracking on your erasable board. This template can include a table with vendors’ names on the left and product supplied along with delivery dates on the right. You can keep track of the consumption level of each raw material through these erasable boards as well.


  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators: Using customized and erasable whiteboards is a great way to measure the performance of your business. These erasable boards are quite effective in time-sensitive environments such as call centers. Managers can use the board to track the number of calls each person attends, the average time they spend on each call, and the customer satisfaction rate. Tracking these KPIs helps increase the overall efficiency level at the workplace.


  • Helps in Boosting Employee Morale: Managers can use customized dry erase boards for employee recognition as well. At a manufacturing plant, the supervisor can mention employee of the month based on their quality and speed of service. This helps create constructive competition and encourage other employees to raise their bar as well.


  • Keep Track Of Expenses: One of the major challenges of any organization is managing their expenses. By using custom-designed dry erase boards, managers can track the consumption level of company resources by each department. This can help in reducing expenses and encourage employees to reduce wastage.


  • Helps in Defining Shifts: One of the best uses of a dry erase boards is defining staff shifts. It is a great way to monitor when a shift employee comes in and when they leave. This helps in keeping a check on staff productivity levels.


  • Weekly Calendar. Since you can remove the marks on the board but the calendar print is permanent, it can be a great tool to assign shifts or remind people of their daily task.


At TheSignChef, we offer custom dry erase boards that vary in sizes:

  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 24"
  • 24" x 36"
  • 24" x 36"
  • 36" x 36"
  • 36" x 48"
  • 36" x 72"
  • 48" x 48"
  • 48" x 96"


Also, we have several design options available:

  • Dry erasable laminated board
  • Reflective colors board
  • Trimmed capped board
  • PMS color matched board
  • Rounded corners dry erase board

Dry erase boards are made of different types of materials including Aluminum, Dibond, Steel, Posters, and Coroplast. The board is laminated with a dry erasable sheet that can be used to write and rub the marking on the board. Our clients can provide us with design templates that can be printed on these boards and can be used to measure their factory’s performance.

Our customers can choose from multiple shapes of that suit their needs.

Each of our dry erase boards come in different thickness. Customers can choose from a variety of options ranging from .032” to 0.080”.


Customizing your board with TheSignChef

We want to provide our customers with a 100% personalized dry erase board that gives production managers the best value for their buck. Before preparing the final product, we ask our customers a few important questions, which range from color scheme options to template designs. It helps us provide our client with an end-product that adds value to their daily operations!

Logo & Brand Colors – The Custom Dry Erase Board can act as a great marketing or employee engagement tool. The board can be given a company’s logo and the dry erase layer can be based on a company’s brand colors. Every day when your staff sees their performance on the office board, they will feel more responsiblefor their work. 

Inspirational Quotes – In a plant assembly line, each worker is part of a critical manufacturing value chain. Every single component of the final product being assembled is equally vital. Hence, to value your staff’s commitment and dedication, you can add inspirational quotes to your design boards. Quotes like ‘the sky is not the limit, it's just a stopover’ show your resilience to achieve operational excellence.

Dry Erase Board Template – This element on the glossy front surface your whiteboard is the most crucial element of the product. The template that you put on your Dry Erase Board will be the only permanent marking on the front surface. You cannot change it unless you replace the front layer itself. So, we advise our clients to think hard about what they want to achieve out of their custom dry erase board.


Few brainstorming tips for designing dry erase board template:

  • Have a goal in mind before you start designing your template. These could be weekly, monthly or yearly output targets that you want to achieve.
  • Think hard about the bottlenecks on your assembly line and ensure they are on the board. This will help you monitor them closely.
  • Production managers should ensure that their custom Dry Erase Board can help them in measuring all the essential KPIs.

Communicate to us about anything that is on your mind – At TheSignChef, we make sure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services. We want our clients to tell us even the minutest of details about their ideal Dry Erase Board.


Excellence Guaranteed.

The beautiful colors on your new Aluminum Signs

When the sun starts frying

the beautiful colors on your new Production Boards, which level of Solar Protection will your signs need?

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