Choose Dibond for Your Outdoor Wall Sign If...

  • You need your building's facade to look rigid and substantial.

    When you install a Dibond sign on the wall outside your business, you are making a statement. At thicknesses of 1/8" and 1/4" Dibond looks and is heavy duty. You will have passersby doing a double take at a material that is built to last.

  • You need your exterior wall sign to weather the elements.

    Dibond is WeatherProof - waterproof and rustproof. Dibond keeps its shape regardless of the temperature. Whether you are in a hot or cold clime, Dibond is an excellent choice for the front of your building. With a polyethylene core, and aluminum on either side, your Dibond sign won't be warping anytime soon.

  • You need a building sign that is highly customizable.

    Although Dibond is a rigid, strong material, Dibond can be rounded, bent, and cut to a custom shape. We personalize Dibond for logos, mascots, and letters. The limit is your imagination.

Visualize Your Dibond Outdoor Wall Signs

Our Pricing Calculator allows you to see how your sign will look next to an actual person. Enter the dimensions of the sign you want and the calculator will adjust the red sign in the graphic in proportion to a six-foot-tall person. Once you have the right size, select your desired material, quantity, and thickness. The calculator will give you a price before you have even added the sign to your shopping cart. Customize your sign exactly the way you want it.

See how different sizes
look next to a 6' tall person!

Reasons to Choose Dibond Wall Signs Over Aluminum

  • The standard thicknesses of Dibond are thicker than the standard thicknesses of Aluminum.

  • ⅛” Dibond is stiffer than 0.40” Aluminum.

  • Although, per its description, Dibond may seem to be another flimsy sheet of metal, Dibond has a polyethylene, plastic core sandwiched between two sheets of enamel-coated Aluminum.

  • Dibond has a rigid, more substantial appearance.

  • Dibond is stronger than Aluminum.

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