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Why Aluminum Makes a Better Wall Sign Than...

Choose Aluminum for Your Outdoor Wall Sign If...

  • You need your sign to stay up on your wall for a long time.

    Aluminum signs are WeatherProof, and come in 5 different thicknesses, unlike Dibond and Alumalite, which only come in 2. Aluminum signs don't rust. They don't easily bend to the wind. They don't do much of anything except stay the exact same as they were the day you bought them. A little soap and water on a monthly basis is all the maintenance you need to keep your sign looking new.

  • You need your wall to look professional.

    Whereas wooden wall signs have a vintage appeal, Aluminum Wall Signs communicate to the viewer that your building houses a modern business. Aluminum signs come in brushed, polished, mirrored, and painted finishes. Whichever finish you select, your sign will look like it belongs on the wall outside a business office. Aluminum wall signs are perfect for attorney's offices, government offices, corporations and more.

  • You need an exterior wall sign that won't break the bank.

    Although Aluminum is one of the sturdiest and longest lasting materials we offer, it is also one of the lowest priced. You might get a classic look with a material like Dura-Wood, as well as longevity, but you won't beat the price of Aluminum.

Reasons to Choose Aluminum for Your Wall Sign

  • Aluminum can be thinner and lighter than any other material.

  • We offer Aluminum at a minimum thickness of 0.020".

  • Aluminum can also be heavier than many other materials.

  • We offer Aluminum at a maximum thickness of 1.00".

  • 1/8" is the most common thickness used for Outdoor Wall Signs.

  • Adding thickness beyond 1/8" does not add any additional advantage in terms of strength, but we do offer thicker Aluminum.

  • Whether you are looking for a sign that is extremely lightweight or extremely heavy and sturdy, Aluminum will serve your purpose.

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Product Information for Aluminum Outdoor Wall Signs


  • Steel Dibond is magnetic receptive.
  • Steel Dibond has a higher panel strength than Aluminum Dibond.
  • Steel Dibond has increased rigidity, just like Aluminum Dibond, due to the solid plastic core.
  • Steel Dibond is constructed the same way as Aluminum Dibond, with a solid plastic core sandwiched between two sheets of metal. The difference is Steel is a far stronger metal than Aluminum.


A Magnetic Version of Dibond

Why substitute steel for aluminum, when Aluminum Dibond is already lightweight and has high panel strength? Aluminum is not magnetic receptive, whereas Steel is magnetic receptive. A magnetic receptive surface adds a great deal flexibility in the event that you want to make temporary changes to your signage.


A Stronger Version of Dibond

Although Steel weighs more than Aluminum, Steel Dibond has a higher panel strength than Aluminum Dibond due to its higher density.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Aluminum Outdoor Wall Signs

Steel has a far higher panel strength than Aluminum. Steel is also magnetic, unlike Aluminum.

Steel is heavier than Aluminum, but what you lose in lightness, you gain in a higher panel strength.
Steel is stronger than Aluminum due to a density which is far higher than that of Aluminum.

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