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The real estate industry is one in which it is not uncommon for agents to switch companies. And along with a change in your company comes changes in other details, such as office location, business cards, and aluminum real estate signs. Such change sounds complicated and expensive, right? Well, don't ask me to move your office furniture for you, but your real estate signs are no problem whatsoever!

Custom aluminum signs are simple and inexpensive to purchase and even change. So whether you've switched companies, careers, or even just tastes, let sign experts such as the ones in our shop take care of the details of your new aluminum signs!

Though You Have Changed, The Cost Of Aluminum Signs Has Not. Aluminum is a nearly perfect metal for sign making. Its naturally smooth surface combined with its structural endurance and protective, non-rusting coat of aluminum oxide make it a popular material for creating beautiful, high quality custom signs. Such a valuable material sounds expensive, doesn't it?

Surprisingly, aluminum is inexpensive, partly because it is readily available as one of earth's most abundant elements. The availability of aluminum plus its high demand as a building material have helped to keep the costs of this wonder material down over the years.

So whether you're ordering small custom aluminum signs for your real estate business or large, heavy aluminum-based signs such as Alumalite for your building's entrance, aluminum signs are a worthy long term investment. 

Watch Your Aluminum Signs Grow Along With Your Business. You have a garage stocked with several small sign made of aluminum sheeting. Now, you're going out on your own and need a custom aluminum sign to introduce the public to your business. You're going to need a bigger custom aluminum sign!

Small aluminum signs such as real estate signs are simply made of aluminum sheeting of a .040" grade thickness. These aluminum signs are lightweight and endure the outdoor elements for the duration. However, for larger aluminum signs, sign shops such as ours offer thicker gauge aluminum from .063" up to .083". These larger custom aluminum signs do not stand alone like real estate signs but are generally mounted on flat surfaces with screws. The thickness of the material, which is still relatively thin, prevents the aluminum signs from bending and warping.

For even larger custom aluminum signs such as ones that are hung between two posts or mounted on top of a building, there are a few aluminum-based materials to choose from.

First, Armour-Wood is the strongest of these aluminum-based signs. Made of a solid 1/2" piece of plywood sandwiched between two bonded sheets of aluminum sheeting, Armour-Wood is built for the long haul and can withstand almost all weather conditions.

Secondly, Alumalite, an aluminum composite material, is nearly as strong as Armour-Wood, though somewhat lighter in weight. Alumalite is a very popular material for custom aluminum signs due to its affordability and durability.

Finally, Dibond is constructed the same way as Armour-Wood, though it is the least strong of these aluminum-based custom signs. Dibond is still ten times stronger than aluminum sheeting, however, and though a little flexible, will still serve you well.

If you have questions concerning which type of custom aluminum sign you need, just consult a sign expert such as the ones who have been in our shop for over twenty years! 

My Aluminum Sign Is Still Great, But I Want To Change My Image! Graphics are simple to apply to any type of aluminum sign. Thinner aluminum sheeting, such as .040" which is used for real estate signs, comes from the factory in a variety of background colors. However, should you need thicker aluminum, then adhesive vinyl in almost any color imaginable can be applied to your custom aluminum sign or your aluminum business signage can be spray painted or powder coated.

For the large aluminum-based signs, many colors are also available from the manufacturer. And for the graphics and lettering you want on your custom aluminum sign, digital printing allows any image to be printed onto adhesive vinyl and then placed onto your sign for a high resolution, professional appearance.

And when your business changes or you get bored with your aluminum sign? Expect your custom aluminum sign to last longer than your tastes, and when you're ready for a change in your Armour-Wood, Alumalite, or Dibond signs, all we have to do is strip the old vinyl lettering and replace it with your new ideas! All of our signs are fade resistant and will not leave a trace of your old graphics.

And, of course, smaller custom aluminum signs such as real estate signs are so inexpensive that replacing them for your mew company logo or business name will barely make a dent in your advertising budget! 

For Any Reason, Custom Aluminum Signs Are Worth The Change!

So the next time you need to change your business or even just your image, go with a custom aluminum sign. It will be the easiest change you ever make!

Custom Aluminum Signs in All Shapes and Sizes!