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Vinyl Lettering and Graphics are Easy to Apply!

If you've never applied vinyl lettering and graphics before, the process can seem pretty intimidating at first. You don't want to "mess up" and get the letters crooked. Or even worse, botch the job so badly you have to buy another set and start all over again.

Sign companies are able to use these fears as leverage because as long as you don't know how easy it is to apply vinyl graphics yourself, you have to pay the "professionals" to do it for you. Plus, in addition to the cost of application, local sign shops charge considerably higher retail prices for the vinyl letters themselves. So you can easily end up paying 300% - 500% more to a full service local sign company.

Vinyl letters and graphics from are so easy to apply, they are literally "Goof Proof". All of the vinyl lettering and graphics you receive will come pre-spaced and ready to apply. Your vinyl graphics and letters also come with a free application kit that includes all the tools you will need to be successful:

  1. Step-by-step instructions so easy anybody could do it on the first try. This is the same secret Goof Proof method we use in our own shop every day!
  2. A 3-Piece Vinyl Magic Application Kit which includes:
    • A special water based deep cleaner and de-waxer (you don't want to apply vinyl letters to surfaces that still may have wax — they won't stick as well)
    • Vinyl Magic Application Fluid
      (for a bubble-free application)
    • A plastic squeegee to firmly "press down" the vinyl lettering against the surface (pressure is what activates the adhesive bond)
  3. If you’re still worried about installing your own letters and graphics, we offer a backup plan.  For an additional 25% of your total cost, we offer our Goof Proof Guarantee.  Goof Proof allows you to receive replacement letters or logos for those you mess up and we pay the shipping. 

Once you've put vinyl letters on for the first time, you may wonder how sign shops get away with charging so much for something that's so easy to do. It doesn't take a "professional" to look like one.

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