Choose a Cast Metal Plaque for Your Dimensional Sign If...

  • You need to commemorate a person, event, or achievement.

    Plaques are perfect for work anniversaries, scholastic achievements, or memorials to influential individuals.

  • You need signage to communicate a permanent message.

    The fact is some things don't change. Consider a Plaque for a display of your mission statement and the values that have persisted in your business since the day it was founded.

  • You need a sign you can present as a gift.

    A Plaque can serve as a nameplate or commemorative gift for the employee that has gone above and beyond.

Meet the 2021 Sign Catalog.

Every year, when our partner, Gemini, releases this catalog, we take pride in showing our customers the newest, high quality materials that we have to offer for Custom Letters and Logos. This catalog includes every type of metal or plastic available.

Read about Cast Metal Plaques beginning on page 8.

Catalogs are also available for Custom Letters and Logos and Lighted Letters and Logos.

Reasons to Choose a Cast Metal Plaque

  • Cast Metal Plaques can be used to memorialize any occasion.

  • These plaques are available in bronze, brass, and aluminum and 11 different finishes.

  • These plaques can be painted to a color of your choosing.

  • These plaques have a traditional appearance unrivaled by other dimensional materials.

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