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Choose Dibond for Your Outdoor Hanging Sign If...

  • You need a metal sign with more strength than aluminum.

    Two sheets of aluminum. One solid plastic core. The result? A projection sign that's not going anywhere. If aluminum is already an excellent choice for an outdoor hanging sign on account of its sturdiness, Dibond is almost ideal. With multiple thicknesses available, like aluminum, but with even more strength, Dibond is hard to beat.

  • You need a blade sign that keeps its shape despite high winds.

    Dibond is expressly designed to resist warping and cracking. If the wind does manage to blow your sign around, your sign's shape will remain the exact same as it was before the storm began.

  • You need a sign that's as customizable as it is strong.

    A variety of thicknesses. The ability to be cut to any shape. The beauty of aluminum signage. Need we say more?

Reasons to Choose Dibond For Your Hanging Sign

  • Dibond is stiffer, thicker, stronger, and more substantial than Aluminum, while remaining lightweight

  • Because of the two aluminum sheets that make up its exterior, Dibond is heavy enough to weigh down a sign hung by chain.

  • At the same time, Dibond remains lightweight enough for an easy install.

  • Dibond signs can be single-sided or double-sided allowing passing pedestrians to see your business from either direction.

  • Due to its solid plastic core, Dibond doesn't warp in response to the wind.

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