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Choose Aluminum for Your Outdoor Hanging Sign If...

  • You need your hanging sign to withstand the elements.

    Metal signs withstand the elements unlike any other material, wood included. In the case of a hanging sign, weather-resistance becomes even more important. By projecting your sign, you are allowing a little give to the wind, for the sake of design. Aluminum ensures that your sign remains sturdy, water-proof, rust-proof, and rot-proof.

  • You need your front door to retain a professional appearance.

    Projection signs are used by everybody, from drinking pubs to attorneys-at-law. If your business is a law firm, a municipal office, or a corporation, it is important to retain a degree of professionalism to set you apart from the nearest watering hole. Few finishes communicate professionalism like painted or brushed silver aluminum. Keep yourself "a rung above" with an aluminum projection.

  • You need a projection sign that's worth the price.

    Aluminum is one of the sturdiest materials we offer for outdoor signs. Were we to recommend sturdier metal options, we would only be recommending variations on Aluminum, like Dibond, which has a plastic core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. The secret? Aluminum is also one of the lowest priced options available for exterior signage.

Reasons to Choose Aluminum for Your Hanging Sign

  • Aluminum is light enough for an easy install. When you're shopping for a sign that will hang, you need a sign that is light enough to hang up by a small chain. At a minumum thickness of 0.020", Aluminum is the lightest material we offer.

  • Aluminum is heavy enough to resist the wind. It's an annoying moment: you install your new hanging sign only to find that the lightest breeze swings your sign like a swing set. Aluminum, as a metal, can be light enough to install, but heavy enough to prevent the wind from tangling up your new sign.

  • The average lifespan of aluminum outdoors is 3 years. Increase that lifespan to six years with premium-grade aluminum.

  • Aluminum signs can be single-sided or double-sided.

  • Aluminum allows for a variety of methods in printing your custom design: engraving, color-printed vinyl, or engraving.

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