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I have a major appreciation for people who are good comminucators . A good communicator is, in my opinion , a person who can easily explain any subject or problem to another person , regardless of that person's background or situation. Although every instance is different, most arguments between people arise from some kind of communication breakdown.

I once tried working as a vocabulary private instructor for a twelve year old boy who was in the 6th grade . I arrived to our first hour-long session with all of the material from my lesson plan broken down into easy-to-read tables and charts and was excited to begin sharing my expertise with this young kid . Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, my student had a difficult time comprehending the information that I was presenting to him. In fact, most of my reasonings were met with blank glances. It was super frustrating! I tried for a while to salvage my lesson with on-the-fly lectures and chalkboard art, but these attempts just resulted in more confusion. I ended up abandoning my lesson plan after 30 minutes and spent the rest of the session talking to the child about his day and the things he liked to do for fun. I found out that he was a hockey player and had a new puppy that he liked to walk around his neighborhood. So, when I went home after the first meeting and sat down to write the next plan, I decided that next time I would have to try a new approach . I came up with a game that I called "Plural Pucks." I won't go into much detail about the game, but I will say that the next week's session was much more productive than the previous . My student was intermeshed, he was attentive, and most significantly, he was having fun! I was really happy that I had figured out a way to communicate with my student.

An important aspect of being a great communicator involves understanding the person you are speaking to so that you can know why he or she does things a certain way. This same piece of advice rings true for advertising with a custom metal sign. If you don't efficaciously say what you mean to say on the metal sign, your sign is of no use. Keep reading to learn my two rules for saying what you mean with a customized metal sign:

1) Know your audience.

Take it from me and my experience as a tutor , knowing your audience is the MOST IMPORTANT RULE to effectively communicating with your custom metal sign. Imagine yourself speaking, in English, about your business to a room full of Italian citizens who only speak Italian. You could be relaying extremely important and worthful information, but since you are not speaking in the language of your audience, your words are squandered. Of course this is only a metaphor, but the idea applies just the same to advertising with a custom metal sign. If you don't take the time to get to know your audience (customers or potential customers) BEFORE you utilize a metal sign, your custom metal sign marketing efforts will be worthless.

2) Be direct.

You need to be as specific as possible in communicating your information with a custom metal sign. Chances are, most people passing by your custom metal business sign are not going to study every last detail of the sign. In fact, you will likely be lucky if people spend more than 3 seconds looking at your metal sign. So, you want to make those 3 seconds count. Consider your message, and get straight to the point when designing your personalized metal sign.

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