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Product Information for 3D Acrylic Signs

Here are the key points to know about custom 3D Acrylic Signs:

  • Acrylic is a UV stable, highly durable, outdoor plastic sign material.
  • The material is completely waterproof.
  • It is ideal for lighted sign displays.
  • Acrylic has a high tolerance for cold and hot weather temperature extremes.
  • Plastic signs will last indefinitely indoors.
  • The Acrylic sign surface has a rich, high gloss appearance.
  • Acrylic wall signs also come in matte finishes.
  • Small Acrylic walls signs come standard in 1/8" thickness.
  • Medium size Acrylic plastic signs are usually 3/16" thick.
  • The clear Acrylic sign material is available up to 1" thick.
  • Acrylic Signs are easy to display and mount.
  • Acrylic is a popular alternative to PVC Plastic Signs.
  • You can get any size you want.
  • Acrylic custom signs can be cut into virtually any shape.
  • Any design, artwork, photo or logo can be used.
  • And Acrylic comes in virtually any color you want. (Including clear!).

Take Your New Custom Sign to New Depths

If you take a moment and look at a measuring tape, you'll notice that in the big scheme of things an inch really shouldn't matter. Right? Well, in some cases an inch can mean everything! What if your 6' 4", but need to be 6' 5" to land your position on an NBA basketball team? What if you are 1" too tall for your favorite pair of slacks for an interview? What if that new desk you just bought is 1" too wide to fit through your front door? On those days 1" can change your life.

What does 1" have to do with acrylic signs?

3D Acrylic signs have become the new trend more and more in businesses all across the country. If you look around you'll see them in lobbies, on doors, in restrooms and hallways. Everything from directional signs to room numbers to policy signs, the list goes on and on. They are the new look to everyday acrylic signs.

3D Acrylic signs can be made numerous ways. You can choose from 1/8", 3/16" or 1/2" for the thickness of your signs. You can choose various colors ranging from clear and white to pitch black. You can purchase saw cut, polished and even beveled edge finishing. 3D plastic signs can be engraved or sandblasted. They can have graphics reverse cut and applied to the back if they're clear or frosted. They can have vinyl lettering, full-color graphics, contour cut graphics, etc. applied to the front on any color.


Why Do You Need Stand-offs for Your 3D Acrylic Signs?

Ok, if you're like most business owners you are asking yourself why? Why should I spend the extra cash that is probably not in the budget in this economy? Why spend almost double just to add hardware to my order. Screws have always worked for our other signs.

Acrylic signs are not just any old run of the mill signs. They are meant to make a statement. To stand out and say no matter what size business we are, we are corporate. By using corporate stand-off hardware you add a 3-D look to your signage by raising it that 1" from the wall, but you also give them that finishing touch. An acrylic sign flush mounted to the wall with screws just does not accomplish the same look. You might as well have gone with aluminum or PVC. That 1" raise from the wall adds depth, dimension, and importance...a more corporate look. It draws attention to something that might have just been passed by. Once you see the final product on your wall you'll appreciate the difference.

Improper hardware will portray a different image that you paid for. Cutting costs on your hardware will cost you more in the long run that the initial investment you make. Without the icing, a cake is just a cake! Without that extra inch to add dimension and class, without the proper Stand-off hardware to complete your signs...a 3D acrylic sign is just a sign.


Sometimes, all you want is the bottom line!

  • Our customer service specialist can instantly calculate the exact prices on 3D Acrylic Signs.
  • At TheSignChef.com, shipping for Acrylic Signage and all other indoor and outdoor signs is free.
  • Orders outside the state of South Carolina are tax-free!


  • We do offer quantity breaks at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000.


We offer installation kits that will help you mount your new 3D acrylic sign to wood, metal, stucco, brick masonry or concrete. We also offer a large variety of scroll brackets, posts and poles for hanging your 3D acrylic sign. In addition to the hanging items, a selection of screw caps is available for a finished, polished look. TTheSignchef.com also carries a wide selection of stand-offs for clean, contemporary, corporate look.

Adhesive backing is available for small and lightweight 3D acrylic signs. Since most small 3D acrylic signs are placed on doors and in hallways, they come with pre-drilled holes in the corners for screw mounts. 

We also can drill holes into the top of your 3D acrylic sign to simplify installation.

Here at TheSignChef.com we want to make designing, installing and caring for your new Acrylic sign a great experience. You can learn a lot by watching the videos here. These videos are made by us, for you. They include everything you need to know about the Acrylic material your sign is made of including size options, shape options and design tips. If you have any questions not addressed in our videos, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-899-6272.

What Do Acrylic Signs Really Look Like Up Close?-4:06min
Arcrylic Signs, Any Size You Want- 2:33min
Arcrylic Signs,  How Thick Should My Arcrylic Sign Be? - 3:00min
Arcrylic Signs,  Can I Get Any Shape I Want?- 2:34min
Acrylic Signs,   How Thick Should My Clear Acrylic Sign Be?-3:36min



  • PMS Color Match
  • Brushed Silver Backing
  • Brushed Gold Backing
  • Mirror Finish Backing
  • Countless Backing Colors and Styles
  • Custom Hole Placement
  • Custom Shapes
  • Rounded Corners
  • Beveled Edges
  • Engraved



We offer more colors for 3D Acrylic Signs than anyone out there on the web!

  • You can now choose from ANY color under the sun when designing your new signage.
  • The high gloss Acrylic sign material itself comes in a number of standard, High Gloss Brilliant colors.
  • We also offer the very popular clear Acrylic plastic sign.
  • Processing of Acrylic sheeting have vastly improved, making the pigments in Acrylic signs hold their colors better than ever before.
  • If the Acrylic material does not come in the color you need, no worries! The magic of digital printing can take care of that for you!
  • PMS Color Match available on most materials.






Big or Small, We Do It All!

  • While most sign companies are setting limits to what size your 3D Acrylic Sign can be, we are printing 3D Acrylic Signs in every size.
  • 3DAcrylic Signage from TheSignChef comes in sizes up to 8' x 20' in a single, seamless sheet.
  • This is the very largest, rigid, seamless sign panel available in the market today.
  • If you need a sign that is larger than that, no worries! Just let us know, and we'll make sure to get you any size 3D Acrylic Sign you need.

The most popular sizes for 3D acrylic signs are:

  • 12" x 18"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 24"
  • 24" x 36"
  • 24" x 48"
  • 36" x 48"
  • 36" x 72"
  • 48" x 96"



You’re not limited to only square and rectangular 3D acrylic sign shapes. We will cut your 3D acrylic sign to any custom shape you want.

Excellence Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Acrylic Signs

Once you approve your proof, we can usually have your 3D acrylic sign produced and ready to ship within 24-48 hours. Large orders and special requests normally ship within 3-7 business days. If your order is time sensitive, please share your deadline with Customer Service at 800.899.6272.
Yes. Any 3D acrylic sign order over $125 includes free shipping. For details on rush shipping, please call Customer Service at 800.899.6272.
The minimum order quantity for a 3D acrylic sign is one. We do offer quantity discounts for two or more 3D acrylic signs. The more 3D acrylic signs you purchase in one order, the greater your savings.
Yes. We would be happy to rush the processing of your 3D acrylic sign. The fastest way for us to help you with a rush order is for you to call Customer Service at 800.899.6272.
Yes. You can choose almost any layout or color combination you want for your 3D acrylic sign.
If your 3D acrylic sign arrives broken or with production defects, please contact Customer Service at 800.899.6272 or email service@thesignchef.com immediately. Manufacturing defects fall within our Workmanship Guarantee, so we will replace your 3D acrylic sign free of charge.

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