How does custom business signage take the work out of branding?




Custom business signs are the packaging for any type of business.

Custom business signs are why we can spot The Golden Arches a mile away, why we cannot miss a Wal-Mart and why we know the difference between a Dodge and a Honda dealership without even driving onto the lot.

Where would Tiffany's be if their boxes were regular brown?

Tiffany's branded themselves with their teal and white boxes. Even if their custom business sign had nothing else besides that box with a bow you would still know exactly where you were. The other day on the radio they were having a battle of the sexes and the question was:

What jewelry store did the proposal take place on the movie Sweet Home Alabama?

Now, most women if you have ever seen this movie would automatically know, but because of the teal and white boxes even the guy on the radio knew the answer to win the game! Now, that's branding!

Branding is an important part of any business, and there is much more to know! The Sign Chef is here to help with all of your business signage needs!

Be remembered with effective custom business signage!