Different Types of Lettering in Your Sign Design




In ancient times, the business world was not so complex. There used to be only a few commercial buildings in every town that used to provide services to the people. There really wasn't much competition among people as there used to be only one or two people offering the same services in every town.

picture of three-dimensional letters being installed to wall

However the modern world is very different from the past. Due to the increase in population, several businesses have started that provide the same services to the citizens, and they have a highly competitive environment among them. Due to this reason, many different ideas have to be used to distinguish one business from another of similar type.

Commercial Signage plays an active role in achieving this goal. Different sign boards are designed with different lettering to distinguish one business from another and create an impression on the minds of people as well. There are different types of lettering on these sign boards, and the use of a particular type of lettering might depend on the choice of the business owner or the utility of that particular type of lettering to make the business more prominent.

Neon lettering is generally used by many people due to the fact that it is visible at night time and has reasonable visibility in the day time also. Many businesses which particularly operate at night use this type of lettering to make their business prominent to potential customers. For example, casinos, bars, clubs and restaurants particularly use this type of lettering to make location prominent.

Picture of 3 Dimensional Sign Letters

Plastic lettered signs are also widely used by many businesses and commercial centers. The main reason for their use is because they are cheap and have no running costs. Unlike neon signs which are run by electricity, plastic signs generally don't have any running expenses. A light may be fixed in the back of these sign boards to illuminate them, or on their top to make them prominent. Some signboards use special letters made out of metal to make them look different.

Vinyl signs are generally used indoors or on a sheet of metal or plastic. These business signs are not very expensive and serve the purpose of general indication of a business location, promotion of a product or display of a motto, directions or to provide general information. These signs can be designed in a variety of colours and writing styles, which is the main reason why they are popular.

These days a new form of signage is being developed which uses small LEDs to display a message on a signboard. These signboards are composed of a number of LEDs which makes it possible to display any message on them. The message can be changed without much difficulty which makes them ideal for places where the signs have to be changed often.

Sign boards are not only used for commercial business promotion. They are also used to indicate directions, road signs and some specific information about a location. A special material is used in some road signs to make them prominent when the lights of a vehicle falls on them. This special material is designed to have high reflection ratio which makes them visible in very little light.

There are many styles of letters to choose from when designing your custom signage!