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The 4 "Bs" of Effective Outdoor Signage

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Use outdoor signs to share your brand and highlight the products and services you have available. Strategically placed signage can actually increase the amount of traffic coming through your doors. Follow the 4 "Bs" of effective outdoor signage below and stop passerbys dead in their tracks!

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The lighted sign on the side of the road, the channel letters on the building exterior, the fascia sign just above your entrance, when done well, they can all be quite influencial in attracting prospective customers to your business! Outdoor signage communicates to prospects passing by who you are and what you have to offer them. A well-designed, strategically placed sign can directly affect the amount of traffic that comes through your doors.

Follow the 4 "Bs” of effective outdoor signage and stop passerbys dead in their tracks!

  • BigOutdoor signs should be large enough for prospects near and far to see. It makes sense to size the material big enough to comfortably fit into the space available. But, the way to calculate the perfect dimensions might actually surprise you. The best way to size your sign is to first size the lettering (weird right?). How far away would you like your message to be seen? 30 feet? 60 feet? Determine the distance and then use this basic formula: 1" letters for every 10' of distance. So, if you'd like your sign to be seen 60' away, shoot for 6" letters. Once you've determined your letter size, layout the entire message to get a rough size of the material. In this example, the sign itself would need to be at least 2'x4' — and it could be larger if big graphics are included in your design. For maximum visibility and even greater impact, use the 1":3' formula. Your message would stand out tremendously from afar!
  • Brief — When considering what marketing message to display on your outdoor sign, the old maxim "less is more" definitely applies. Keep in mind, most of your prospects are driving, and motorists have only approximately 3 seconds to read your sign. Keep your message short and simple! Whether it's the company name and tagline on the business sign or a simple, "Summer Clearance Sale" sign in the window, keep it at 1-3 lines of text max. The more text you include, the less likely any of it will be read — and that defeats the purpose for your sign. Keep it brief!
  • Branded — If it's true that 85% of your potential customers pass by your business each month, then your outdoor sign is the perfect place to promote your brand! You want your brand to be recognizable to the public — and the more often they see it, the more recognizable it becomes! So, be sure to include your logo and company colors on your signage. Stick with your signature fonts and overall style, even on promotional and temporary signage. Consistency is key!
  • Bold — Here are a few interesting facts: Full-color graphics create the highest awareness. And, the use of a photo creates 300% greater recall than signs without photos. Since, graphics obviously add visual interest, use them! Don't be afraid to add high quality imagery to your signage — the bigger the better. And, studies show that adding extra color improves reader retention by 78%. So, use big, bold colors, as well! And, be sure to contrast them. Use a darker background with lighter color lettering, or vice versa — that drastically increases readability from a distance. Don't settle for dull, boring text — stand out with big graphics and bold color. Make a lasting impression!

There is no better way to get your message across to potential customers than with an outdoor sign — but not just any outdoor sign, one that is well-designed and effective at attracting passerbys. Use these 4 "Bs" to create signage that literally stops traffic!

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There is no better way to get your message across to potential customers than with a custom outdoor sign!

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