Sign Bling! 4 Metal Hardware Options that Add Flair to Your Custom Signage

Acrylic with brushed aluminum and standoffs

Adding a little "bling" to your custom signs makes them stand out...

Not the type to do "normal" or "boring"? No worries! Adding metal hardware is the perfect way to enhance your custom business signs for a professional, yet, unique look. And, believe it or not, simply adding hardware can take an ordinary or average sign and make it truly stand out.

These (4) metal hardware options each add flair to your custom business signs:

  • Aluminum standoffs Standoffs – These popular pieces of hardware are perfect for making your custom signs actually "stand off" from the wall (hence, the name). But, in addition to the floating effect it can give your indoor signs, they also add "flair". Brushed or polished silver, a shiny black or gold aluminum – no matter which you choose, standoffs make your signs "bling"!
  • Metal screw caps Screw capsScrew caps fit nicely over the tops of the screws needed to mount your custom signs. They are meant to hide unappealing and unattractive hardware, but they also give your signage a super professional and stylish finish. They don't allow the floating effect that standoffs do, but they give just as much "bling" to your completed look.
  • Metal banner rails for vinyl banners Metal banner rails – Banners are very effective and super affordable – in fact, they are one of the most inexpensive custom sign options available. But, don't think that just because they are affordable, they have to be unattractive, because that simply isn't true! Add an aluminum banner rail to a hanging banner and voilà! Your simple vinyl banner all of a sudden goes from average to über attractive.
  • Scroll bracket for hanging sign Metal scroll & shaft brackets – Whether you choose a straight shaft bracket with a decorative finial at the end, or a twisted rod with a beautiful scroll on top, either way you hang it, your custom sign will be beautiful! Scroll brackets are classy, and they command lots of attention. They are the perfect "bling" for any hanging sign – indoor or outdoor.

If you are looking for that something "extra" to make your custom sign "pop", these metal hardware options will do the trick. They add a professional touch, and just enough "flair" to impress every person who walks through your doors!


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