The Inside Scoop: The 411 on Sign Materials Perfect for Custom Indoor Signs

Clear Acrylic with a brushed silver backer and hardware

The perfect custom sign can help you achieve your desired look and feel...

The signs you mount on your walls indoors are just as important (and influential) as the signs you display outdoors. So, carefully consider the look and feel you want to achieve inside of your business location. Whether a sleek, corporate look is what you’re after, or a colorful, vibrant appeal, the perfect custom signs can help you achieve it. And, the good news: a variety of materials in different shapes and sizes is available to you.

Here are the 5 most popular sign materials for your custom indoor signs:

  • Metallic Vinyl on Black AcrylicAcrylic – There’s a reason business owners, CEOs and upper-management love acrylic! Its sleek, shiny exterior lends a very “corporate” look any environment. Add some polished silver or gold standoffs, and your indoor sign is now dressed to impress! Acrylic is strong and rigid, and long-lasting indoors, but it’s the distinguished look that makes it a popular indoor sign material – particularly in law offices, accounting firms, business headquarters, and other corporate locations. It’s super attractive!
  • Full color Design on PVC PlasticPVC – PVC is another popular plastic used to make custom indoor signs. If you see a bright, vibrant colored sign with a satiny, smooth finish mounted on an indoor wall, chances are it’s PVC! And, the fact that this material eliminates glare and fingerprints is just added value. It’s an extremely durable plastic –  unlike the aforementioned acrylic, PVC is almost shatter-proof. So, it will last for many years indoors. It’s a great choice for a color-rich, eye-catching custom indoor sign!
  • Laser Engraved SignLaser Engraved Metal – Of course, you've seen laser engraved signs in virtually every business environment. Whether it's the sign on the conference room door, the name plate on the receptionist's desk, or the "clean up after yourself" sign above the sink in the breakroom, these signs are quite popular in business environments. Usually metal, engraved signs have a professional, polished finish that looks high-end, but is actually quite affordable. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and can be made out of wood or plastic, in addition to metal. Engraved signs are super lightweight, which makes them a breeze to install. No wonder they're so popular!
  • Quicksilver Digital Vinyl PosterVinyl Banners & Posters – And if you prefer posters, make them vinyl! Digital vinyl posters, and banners, last for years indoors. And, the greatest benefit is that they offer the same features of other sign materials without the added cost – they can be full-color, custom shaped, custom cut to any size and creatively mounted. Vinyl banners are inexpensive, but not by any means “cheap” – with high-quality designs, they are not only attractive, they’re extremely functional. They get the job done, and look great doing it!
  • 3D Metal Letters on Black Acrylic3-D Letters – Adding dimension to signs is both exciting and beneficial! 3-D signs draw more attention, and are, therefore, always a good idea. Whether you use wood, acrylic or metal dimensional letters that spell out the company name, or add a 3-D logo to a standard shaped sign, either way, it will be impressive. In fact, you can even make the entire sign 3-D by making it sit several inches off the wall for a little depth. Get creative…go deep with 3-D!

There are many material options for custom indoor signs – any of these popular 5 would work well and look great. Now that you’ve got the inside scoop, simply choose the indoor material that best fits your business and a design that best displays your brand. Then, put your best sign forward!

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