The Magic of Illumadecor

Custom frosted design on store window

Designs can be seen inside and out, but it still offers privacy...magic!

Impressed by the intricate designs on the doors of those big corporate offices? Or the frosted effects on the display windows of 5-star hotels? It's easy to achieve those same awe-inspiring designs on the windows and doors of your office, or even at home. With the magic of Illumadecor, you can get as creative or as "fancy" as you'd like!

To get that "wow", sophisticated look of etched or frosted glass on any glass door or surface, simply apply Illumadecor to it. No need to worry about wet, messy application fluid, this film has a dry installation process and it is quite easy to install. Plus, it features an advanced bubble-free adhesive technology that allows for fast installation without air bubbles or wrinkling. The permanent application lasts, with minimum shrinking or peeling.

This durable vinyl is not impacted by heat, cold or water, which makes it quite versatile. It can be installed on any glass surface indoors or outdoors – it can even be applied to kitchen and bathroom windows and doors, including shower doors, with no ill effects.

The thin, translucent vinyl film is like magic – it allows creative graphics to be seen on both sides of the glass! So whether it's the windows of a large conference room, the doors to the executive suite, or the glass shower door at home, the intricate designs are visible inside and out. And though the designs can be seen on both sides, happenings behind the frosted film can't be seen, which makes it convenient for private meetings at the office or at home.

And you are not at all limited in creativity when it comes to design! Whether you choose text, intricate shapes or designs on the frosted matte version or full-color photographs and graphics on the glossy clear, it's all possible with Illumadecor. This elegant application is great for business branding and promotion. Its glossy surface limits reflection, making it ideal for the creative designs in shop windows, corporate glass doors and even glass table décor for upscale restaurants. It's also perfect for adding a touch of class to your home décor. Illumadecor is the perfect way to brand, add distinctive style and offer privacy at the same time. It's magic!

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