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Corporate Quality: 6 Reasons Why Business Owners Choose Acrylic

Acrylic has become the industry "go to" material for corporate quality signage. Business owners and CEOs like the look this sleek, shiny material offers.

An example of clear acrylic business sign

Impressed with Acrylic? Most business owners are...

Acrylic, also known as Plexiglass, is one of the most popular sign materials for corporate offices. From upscale law offices, advertising firms, and high-end boutiques to swanky restaurants and hotels, acrylic has become the "go-to" sign material for CEOs and business owners alike.

Here are 6 reasons why corporate leaders and business owners consistently choose acrylic:

  • Acrylic looks remarkably professional – This shiny plastic offers a super-sleek, classy, professional look that CEOs and business owners appreciate. The high gloss exterior behind a well-designed logo displays such elegance! And, whether the acrylic is a pigment-rich, brilliant color, like black or red, or the more popular clear or frosted, it goes without saying that signs made on acrylic command a lot of attention and create a lasting impression in the mind of the most refined client.
  • Acrylic is relatively inexpensive for the high-quality appearance - Signs made of acrylic may look incredibly expensive, but they are actually quite affordable. The material has a lot of attractive qualities, but it is still a high quality plastic…and plastic won't break the bank. So, compared to wooden signs, and signs made of composite materials, which can both be costly, acrylic is an affordable material choice. You get the look of sophistication without the lofty price.
  • Specialty finishes on acrylic are super attractive – And if the sleek, shiny surface isn't enough, specialty finishes are also available. For an exceptionally attractive sign, you can add a metal finished backer to the clear acrylic – showcasing a brushed or mirror finished silver or gold through the clear surface adds a touch of class to the completed sign. You could even reverse print gold or silver vinyl lettering and apply it to the back of the clear acrylic for a distinguished effect. The surface still appears and feels smooth, but the stylish lettering can be clearly seen through it. Stunning!
  • Acrylic can be accented for a "corporate look" – Acrylic signs are often mounted with polished or brushed silver or gold hardware called "standoffs", which give custom signs a very distinguished, "corporate" look. Used to make the signs literally "stand off" the wall, this hardware adds both dimension and flair to corporate signs. "Screw caps", which also come in both gold and silver, don't add dimension, but they do add style to the already remarkable acrylic. Using gold and silver hardware to mount your acrylic signs speaks volumes – it gives your business a very refined and impressive appearance to your clients!
  • Acrylic is incredibly versatile – Acrylic comes in 8'x20' single, seamless sheets, but it can be custom cut to virtually any size and any shape – including contour cut logos. Also, the edges of acrylic signs can be flame polished. Applying heat to the plastic edges for just a few seconds to make them shiny and smooth creates a very attractive sign! Beveling the edges adds a dimensional effect and gives the sign a very formidable look. For even more versatility, add custom lighting around an acrylic sign. So much can be done with this high-quality material!
  • Acrylic is perfect for indoor signage – Acrylic is tolerant to weather extremes, but we don't recommend it for outdoor use, mainly because it's not shatter-proof. The shiny, classy material is perfect for corporate indoor signage, however. Use lukewarm water and a nonabrasive, micro-fiber cloth occasionally to maintain your acrylic signs and they will last indefinitely indoors. Acrylic signs mounted inside serve a dual-purpose – they increase brand awareness and confirm your high quality in the minds of your clients!

When it comes to "corporate quality" signage, acrylic stands alone. It has all the qualities that "shine" in a corporate setting – it's attractive, affordable, high-quality and easy to maintain. For signs that will impress your clients, choose acrylic – it truly is the "go to" sign material for CEOs and business owners!

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