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5 Practical Reasons to Update Your Outdoor Signage

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How long has it been since you updated your outdoor sign?

"Out with the old, in with the new" is wisdom that can easily be applied to your business signage! Like with anything else business oriented, it's always a good idea to evaluate what you currently have and come up with creative ideas for new additions. Signs are silent salesmen – and they work 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. It is definitely profitable for you to keep them updated and looking sharp!

Here are 5 Practical Reasons to Update Your Outdoor Signage:

  1. You haven't changed your sign in YEARS. Guess what happens if you look at something too often? It begins to lose its appeal and its effectiveness. When you see the same image over and over again, eventually your mind blocks it out and it doesn't stand out anymore. If passerbys have seen the same outdoor sign for a decade, chances are they don't really notice it anymore. It has essentially become a landmark on the street, no longer a focal piece that draws them to your business. Give them something updated and new – liven up the sign you currently have or re-design it entirely. Try a new material, a new shape, a new location – change is the only constant!
  2. Your sign looks worn or damaged. If your outdoor sign has begun to fade from excessive sun exposure or inclement weather, it's time to update. Also, if it's showing signs of expected wear and tear – like letters missing or chipped corners – now is a good time to call your sign company. Your outlook is important! You want customers to see that you take great care in your business by keeping it updated both inside and out. Plus, the best way to make people want to invest in you is to first invest in yourself ;)
  3. Your sign looks antiquated. Does your sign look out-of-date? Are the other signs in your area or along your street more attractive and appealing than yours? Get with it! Modernize your look by "spiffying up" your brand, or re-branding entirely. Add a touch of color, add some dimensional letters or make the sign itself 3-D. How about adding some custom lighting? Don't get stuck in the dark ages. Keep your brand alive!
  4. Your sign is just too small. Perhaps when you first opened your business, a smaller sign on the exterior is all you could afford. Everyone has to start somewhere! But, if you've been in business for years and your cashflow has changed, but the size of your sign hasn't, you may be doing yourself and your customers a disservice. Make sure your exterior signs are visible both up close and from afar! Remember, motorists are moving fast – and they only have 2-3 seconds to read your message. Replace your beginner sign with a larger, more prominent one – you'd be surprised the traffic this one modification could create for you.
  5. Your sign is ineffective. Maybe when you first created that sign you didn't know all the "design secrets" you know now – like how adding short descriptive words and phrases helps customers know and remember what you do. Or, how using identifiable graphics creates brand recognition (for example a loaf of bread for a bakery or a cute, fat baby for a nursery center). Perhaps your sign doesn't really communicate your message or your product. It's definitely time to change it! Make sure your signage works for you – it's one of the hardest working (and least expensive) marketing tools you have!

Take some time to assess the effectiveness of your outdoor signage. Work with a marketing or branding specialist, or a great sign company to bring new life to your outdoor sign. It's an investment that could bring you infinite returns…and that's one of the signs of a thriving business, isn't it?


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