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Replacement Sign Faces

Get a New Look for Your Lighted Sign Cabinets

A lighted sign face works for you long after the sun has gone down. Use lighted sign inserts to change the look, update your information, or customize your sign.

Your new signs can be readily produced in:

  • Any Size (including JUMBO sizes)
  • Any Thickness
  • Any Color
  • Any Style
  • Any Finish
  • And in any quantity, even if it's just one!

You never have to settle for cookie cutter sizes or designs again because your new signage can now be quickly made to match the exact style and look you want!

If you're anxious to get started, you can start right now...

Example of Custom Lighted Sign

You can get accurate pricing information instantly using our Online Pricing System.

With SignMagic, you can create your very own unique designs, or customize a template, on demand.
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Our Art Department will create a custom design for you, absolutely free, before you buy!

You can upload your Print Ready Design & Place Your Order right away.

Upgrade Your Business With Replacement Sign Faces!

Does your business have a need for a different outdoor lighted sign than what you currently use? Is your company is changing its identity? Maybe your sign needs updated information?

Regardless of the reason, one thing is likely true… you don't want to replace the entire sign.

And that's where we come in.

The SignChef makes custom replacement sign faces that you can insert into your current lighted sign cabinet. Talk about a face lift!

Where to Start

TheSignChef has everything you need to whip up a Sign Face that meets your company's needs.

Let's get started by choosing the main ingredient for your custom sign. Since lighted signage is often found outdoors, it is important that the material you choose is durable. It must outlast wind, rain, or anything that Mother Nature (or anyone else in this big bad world) may throw at it.

Plastic sign faces come in varying levels of durability - we like to classify them in terms of:

  1. Good - Acrylic and Plexiglas
  2. Better - High Impact Acrysteel and Acrylite SG
  3. Best - And Super Impact Lexan, Lexan SG and Polycarbonate

The Acrylic and Plexiglas Plastic Family is a popular plastic choice for outdoor illuminated signage. Signs made from this material are cut to order from 4' x 8' sheets to fit your unique, individual needs. This material is also available in oversize sheets on special order.

Acrylic and Plexiglas plastic sheeting can crack or break under stress though. So if you need a high impact plastic sign material, or a sign larger than 4' x 8', we highly recommend plastic from the following groups:

The Acrysteel Plastic Family has 10 times the impact strength as standard Acrylic or Plexiglas Plastic. With enhanced break resistance, Acrysteel and Acrylite SG are among the most popular materials used for replacement sign faces.

The Lexan Plastic Family is an uncommonly strong sign material that has 50 times (yes, 50!) the impact strength as standard Acrylic or Plexiglas Plastic. Lexan is so tough, it's used as bullet proof glass!

*Acrysteel and Lexan Plastic sign materials are commonly used for larger signs, especially outdoor lighted signs. In "high risk" applications where breakage is more likely to occur, we recommend Lexan over any other plastic sign material.

The Three Styles of Lighted Sign Faces

  1. Completely Flat - The standard thickness of a plastic replacement sign face is 3/16". A completely flat sign, as you can imagine, remains this thickness throughout the surface, with no raised elements to the design. This style is the least expensive.
  2. Pan Molded - This style describes a sign surface that extends out beyond its lighted cabinet. Some people say this style looks like the face is "bubbled out."
  3. Pan and Embossed - This type of sign is similar to the Pan Molded style, as its face "bubbles out" but it takes you a step further by spicing up your custom signage with raised letters or graphics.

Recent Testimonials

What a pleasure it was dealing with your company. My company is right down the street, but If I were miles away... all the better to have folks so responsive. We requested several changes. You never grumbled (at least not so we knew it ). You're folks helped with design (our originals were fuzzy). You were fast. The final product was exactly what we wanted and delivered as promised. Great experience.

Hannah Ford
Eaton Corporation

I am absolutely delighted with my sign!!! Thank you for doing a wonderful job. I have no complaints at all. I would love to send you a picture, but I won't be mounting my sign for a little while. I have to get town board approval to put it out first (uggggh - I should have just put it up without asking silly questions about how far from the road it should be....). So, if I have a complaint, it's with my town codes, not your sign. : )Thank you again for a wonderful job! Big pat on the back from me.
Lorie Croston

I really loved everything about my experience with theSignChef.com. Your staff was super helpful via the online chat. I also loved that the design team executed exactly what I had written in the special request boxes. The final products arrived yesterday and they exceeded my expectations.

Ryan Swan

Materials available are:

  • Acrylic Sign Faces
  • Acrysteel Sign Faces
  • Lexan Sign Faces

Big or Small, We Do It All!

  • While most sign companies are setting limits to what size your sign can be, we are making lighted sign faces in every size.
  • Just let us know and we'll make sure to get you any size Lighted Face Sign you need.
  • The most popular sizes available for custom Lighted Face Signs are as follows:
  • 2' x 3'
  • 2' x 4'
  • 3' x 4'
  • 4' x 4'
  • 4' x 8'
  • 5' x 10'

Available Design Options:

  • PMS Color Match
  • Custom Hole Placement
  • Custom Shapes
  • Rounded Corners

Sometimes, all you want is the bottom line!

  • Our online pricing tool instantly calculates the exact prices on Lighted Face Signs.
  • At TheSignChef.com, shipping for all indoor and outdoor Signs is free for orders within the continental US greater than $50 for ground and greater than $400 for freight.
  • Orders outside the state of South Carolina are tax-free!

  • We do offer quantity breaks at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000.

We offer more colors for Lighted Sign Faces than anyone out there on the web!

  • You can now choose from ANY color under the sun when designing your new signage.
  • PMS Color Match available on most materials.

We custom cut more shapes than any other sign company!

  • TheSignChef.com will cut your Lighted Face Signage to ANY custom shape.
  • Pictured below are a few custom sign shapes, if you need a more unique shape, let us know.
Custom Sign Shapes

If You Need Inspiration Check Out Our Templates for Ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Just how quickly can you produce a custom sign for me?"

We make custom signs fast. Once you've approved the finished design on the internet, your custom lighted face sign will ship out in just 2 to 4 days!

Special signs and large order requests usually ship in about 2 weeks. If your order is time sensitive, please authorize the precise turnaround time with Customer Service at 1-800-899-6272.

"Are you able to assist me with a rush order, even for a custom lighted sign face?"

Of course!

We're well equipped with product and personnel to take care of rush orders for a wide array of signs. If you need a replacement sign face fast, we'll do everything within our power to help you get it, when you need it! Please contact customer service to discuss any rush orders at 1-800-899-6272

"Can I design my signs online with any layout I want?"

Of course!

You will get virtually any design or color combination you want. Our art department is also able to assist you in LiveDesign or to create something for you.

"What exactly is the minimum order for custom lighted sign faces?"

The minimum order is just one!

"Do you offer any quantity reductions?"

We sure do!

The more lighted sign faces you purchase, the less each of them will cost. Reach more people for a more cost-efficient price!

"What if my custom lighted sign face arrives with a defect... what can be done?"

If your signs or some other item comes damaged or includes manufacturing defects, please communicate with Customer Support via Live Chat or contact us at 1-800-899-6272 immediately. Manufacturing defects fall under our Workmanship Guarantee, so we will replace your sign for free.

If you try to reach us after business hours, it is possible to e-mail us at service@thesignchef.com and we will get back to you once business hours resume.

"What are some examples of 'Environmental High Risk Factors' that may damage my sign? "

  • Severe storms
  • High winds
  • And locations prone to vandalism like rock or bottle damage