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Is your church banner classic or contemporary?

Each church has it's own "feel". It may be a quiet church full of hymnals, or it may be a church that plays Christian Rock with a live band. The congregation may be young or old. Someone from a congregation steeped in tradition may not be comfortable in a church that is considered progressive.

When you are planning a church activity or function and you need a vinyl banner to make the announcement, you want your banner to reflect the personality of the congregation. While the design is a big part of how the message is received, there is one other consideration. You have to choose whether your vinyl should be matte or gloss finish.

How will my church banner look with a matte finish?

A matte finish will gives a very nice finished look to a church banner. The image is clear and crisp. However, when you choose a matte finished vinyl the colors do not "pop". It will have a more traditional look. The banners made on a matte finish will still look great and attract attention from the congregation about the upcoming event or service. Many churches choose the matte finish for their banners and are quite pleased with them.

If you are looking for something a little different you may want to choose the gloss finish for your vinyl.

Is a gloss finish a better choice for my church banner?

A gloss finish will be just as clear as the matte finish, the difference in the banner will be that the inks used to digitally print your banner will "pop". The colors will reach out and grab you as you walk past. In a contemporary church this may be a choice for all banner signs. It would more closely match the typical personality of the congregation. Of course, the final choice is up to the committee assigned to purchase the banner. the committee would know if the gloss finish would be appropriate for the activity or service that you are announcing on your church banner.

A recommendation for those committees or church officials who may be undecided about whether they should use gloss or matte on their church banner - consider the occasion. If this is a youth activity, match their energy with a glossy banner that screams excitement. If it is for an announcement about the Palm Sunday service, choose a matte finish to reflect the solemnity of the occasion. This is only a suggestion. It is always best to let the representatives of your congregation make the final decision.

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